The Falcons Need A New Defensive Identity

The Falcons are going to allow John Abraham to test the market waters and see what kind of deal he can get from other teams instead of just locking him up.  This is wise because of how Abraham is perceived in the eyes of most people in the league.  Sure, he’s a good player, but he’s my age (34) so that means that he is no spring chicken.  Sure, he could still play well, but he’s not worth spending extra money on just to lock him up.

The Falcons have done a good job of acquiring the people they want over the past few years.  That much is plainly evident, but I just don’t think that it makes any sense for the Falcons to keep going with the same old guys on defense.  They need to change their entire identity because the defense has never been good enough.  Meanwhile, even as they try to pay the people they want on defense, they are giving up money they could be spending on people who would create a new identity that would make more sense for them.

I don’t think they need to blow up the whole team and start over, but they do need to make a change.  They’ve tried everything, and they’re going to have to try some more everythings.  Otherwise, there is going to be no way for the team to get better.  If everyone in Atlanta is happy with winning seasons and losing in the playoffs, then they’re good.  However, I think they already graduated from those expectations.  I mean, don’t people want more out of the Falcons?

This is the only way that’s going to happen.  You have to have a defense that actually works and is not filled with emotional picks and signings.  That’s the only way to make the defense more frightening and more exciting at the same time.


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