The End is Near

The storyline is ending. Curtains are drawing closed. The Audience is leaving. The applause is faint and fleeting. It has happened before to all our stars. Michael Jordan. Cal Ripken. Even Joe Montana. But this year we will lose a star like no other. Notre Dame football has their own network. ESPN has taken over Brett Farve.

Who hasn’t noticed the incessant way ESPN has pushed Brett Farve on us for the past 15 years? Will he retire? Won’t he? How many high school kids is he throwing to today? Everything he does or says is all over the network almost as fast as he does or says it. We’ve heard it all except what he would do about the deficit. Adults find it annoying, small kids who are just becoming football fans probably believe he is the only quarterback in the NFL.

Nonetheless, most of us know this will be the last year for Farve. Most of us except for maybe Brett himself. After Sunday’s game, Farve literally gave what appeared to be the eulogy on his career. He has been beset with injuries this year so much ESPN should have a doctor on call to explain them. His ankle is fractured. The arm is shot. Meanwhile the NFL is trying to prove his thumbs are fine as they investigate “Text-gate” while he was with the Jets.

Those injuries are drawing a Hall of Fame career to a close. Soon it will be over. But never fear Farve lovers! Farve will not leave without fanfare. He will not leave us all in a lurch. We won’t go through Farve withdrawal. He will live on through ESPN. In fact, in a perfect world, ESPN would already have plans in place for his retirement and how to perpetuate the Farve myth on their channel.

ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. However after his retirement, ESPN plans to bring on Farve to program their new channel called EFPN, standing for the Entertainment and Farve Programming Network. There will be differences. Changes will be made. It won’t be all sports 24/7. They will mix in a little bit of everything.

Such as, Farve takes over a sports talk show from Jim Rome and calls it “Flaming Out”. The western will return as the Gunslinger takes on villains in a remake of Gunsmoke called “Gunless”. What if Farve would begin a new TV series where he comes back to a football team, only to have that team fight with their coach. It could be called “53 and a Half Men”. I can see the movie trailer on EFPN right now. “Interception” starring Leo DiCaprio and Brett Farve.
It’s over Brett. Walk away. Run away. Cry at the podium and announce it. But when it’s over, don’t come back. Don’t lead us on. Finally take the high road. Let us remember you as you were. A great quarterback with a network behind him.

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