The Drama that is the NFL Draft


      Wow, pre-draft night in the cities that are fortunate enough to have an NFL franchise.  How exciting is this?  The war rooms are getting all set up.  Team brass are sitting up now and will be into the late hours of the night preparing for the biggest day of the calendar year…the NFL Draft.  So many teams this year have glaring holes on their teams and are planning to use this draft to help fill those holes with young talent.  The first two picks of the first round this year are all but done.  Everyone knows that Luck is going to the Colts and Griffen is going to the Redskins.  What makes the draft so exciting is to see where the other guys go and to see who your favorite team picks up. 

      This year’s draft class is so talented and deep in many positions that there is a large possibility that many of these guys you will see go in the first four or possibly five rounds will make big contributions to their respective teams.  The wide receiver position is so deep that many teams looking for a wide out that can contribute right away and make an impact are going to land one in the first three rounds.  That is amazing.  Cornerback has so many talented guys coming in this year that teams like the Colts, Rams, Browns andTampaBayare going to be able to find a good player who has the potential to start right away and not fall apart on them.  Running backs are not the deepest this year, but the talent level that is coming up is astounding.  Trent Richardson, Doug Martin and Lamar Miller are big time players.  They are studs if you will.  They are players that a team can possibly build a great ground game to protect a young quarterback or give an old quarterback a break from having to put the team on his arm and win the game himself. 

      Defensive players this year in general are very deep.  The teams that are sitting up late tonight to prepare for tomorrow no doubt have at least 30 great defensive players sitting on their boards and are willing to move up for a guy because he is someone that does not come along every year.  That is a statement that can be said about a lot of players this year.  Andrew Luck and RG3 are two guys that do not come around every year.  Yes, a quarterback is always available every year; and yes there is at least one or two good ones out there every year but not like these guys.  These are two very intelligent men and football players that put it all out there for their teams and leave everything on the field.  They are “students of the game” shall we say and that is something that does not come around a whole lot anymore.  Trent Richardson is possibly one of the biggest, strongest and smartest running back to come along in many many years.  He is not just a muscle bound wrecking ball but a man who plays his heart out and is very humble about where he is in his life.  He is grateful for the chance that he has to fulfill a dream many young high school and college football players dream of; a chance to get on an NFL field and play the game they love. 

      Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd are two big, tough, physical receivers.  They go after the ball and knock anyone out of their way to get to it.  They make plays that make other peoples jaws hit the floor.  Receivers like these two are rare.  Big, strong, touch, physical and smart makes a great combination when you have to play wide out in the NFL. 

      Along the defensive line guys like Quinton Coples, Fletcher Cox, Michael Brockers, Dontari Poe, Courtney Upshaw, and Melvin Ingram are looking for their chance to shine on Sunday’s this fall.  These are big, strong, nasty players that bring it every down of every game.  They play first kickoff to the final whistle.  And there are some amazing linebackers and defensive backs that are coming in this year that are going to make big differences for their teams. 

      As a fan of the NFL, I am truly excited about tomorrow.  Yes, the first two picks are ruined already but that’s okay.  There are over 200 more picks to be made and that means a lot of shock and awe coming out of these war rooms where some of the best football minds will be putting together the best team they can put together.  Deals will be made, hearts will be broken and for some…dreams will come true.  So sit back with friends and watch the drama unfold.  The NFL Draft is here baby.  Let the sparks fly.

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