The Draft Is Here

Giants Vs. Arizona Cardinals 10/25/09, Giants Stadium
The 2011 NFL Draft starts tonight, and the first 32 picks are up in the air.  With the owners circling a very large drain as they keep losing in court, it seems that the draft won’t need much drama because the court battle has provided enough already.

Without the benefit of being able to do free agency and make trades, this draft has been marred by “what will they do” the whole time.  Teams are plugging holes they shouldn’t have to with the draft, and that brings me to something I heard this morning.

On “Mike and Mike” they were saying that Mel Kiper updated his mock draft, and, amongst other things, he had Patrick Peterson going to Arizona and Blaine Gabbert going to San Francisco.

As a 49er fan I have no problem with Gabbert (I also have no problem with tanking and waiting for Andrew Luck next year), but that means the Cardinals plan to trade back into the first round or get a veteran QB.

Is it just me, or didn’t the Cards try to use a veteran and it didn’t work?  We’re also not sure when and if free agency will get started, and even though they could really use Peterson, they need a QB more.

I just don’t understand the logic.  If San Fran is in love with Gabbert, fine.  Take him.  If Arizona is in love with Gabbert.  Take him!

So you have a project.  The whole franchise is a project right now.  It’s either that or you keep hoping you guess right on veteran QB’s who probably don’t really want to be in Arizona anyways.  Matt Leinart was an aberration.  Not the rule.

Please tell me this isn’t true.  I could care less about the Cardinals, but no one deserves to suck that bad and make that many unwise moves.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Bari D

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