The Denapolis Broncolts – The Colts of the West

This just in, in light of the recent signing of Peyton Manning, and the courtship of castoff Colts like Jeff Saturday, Jacob Tamme, Brandon Stokley, Joseph Addai, and Dallas Clark, the NFL has decided to rename the Denver Broncos the Denapolis Broncolts to ensure that all of their new players feel right at home! Silly right? Well it seems to be the current trend (at least according to the “expert” media insiders) since about 12:00 PM yesterday when Peyton Manning told Tom Condon to get a deal done in Denver.

Following today’s announcement that Peyton Manning will be the new starting QB of the Denver Broncos, you will see a migration of former Colts trekking across Illinois and into Missouri on their way to the Mile High City to once again play with Peyton. Can you blame them? The Colts are now in a full rebuild mode while the Broncos just became a Super Bowl contender literally overnight. For guys like Dallas Clark and Brandon Stokley, why wouldn’t you want to play with a familiar arm and the man who made you a quality NFL veteran? To have the opportunity to continue to play with possibly the greatest QB of all time makes perfect sense right?

Now don’t get me wrong, this article in no way is intended to be a shot at either the Denver Broncos or the former Colts looking to reunite with #18. Heck half of these guys were released by the Colts as salary cap dumps. Dallas Clark is an elite tight end (when healthy) and Joseph Addai is a quality 3 skill running back. He can run, catch, and is one of the best pass blocking RB’s in the league, which is why Peyton demanded that he be resigned last year. These guys are not abandoning the Colts whatsoever and have every right to sign with whomever they want. However, if I am a Broncos fan, I don’t want a single one of them.

WHAT!?! Why wouldn’t you want to surround Peyton with familiar/quality vets like these guys? Its simple, I do not want to be the Boston Celtics of the NFL. Remember when they were hot and every aging vet wanted to play in Boston so they had a shot at a title? Why would you want to abandon your youth and delay the development of your quality young players for a 1-2 window of opportunity with a bunch of overpriced vets? Why do you want Dallas Clark on your team? Denver is a run first franchise and will continue to be regardless of who their QB is. Why would you sign an injury prone TE who can’t run block to save his life? WHY?

Why do you want Jeff Saturday? An aging center who has clearly lost a step. I know that ESPN or or whoever it was rated J.D. Walton last in their position rankings from 2011, but do you really want to give up on a 24 year old center for a slow 36 year old 1-2 year rental? NO WAY!!

Why would you sign Joseph Addai when you already have a solid Thunder and Lighting combo. You have an up and coming RB in Lance Ball, and true pounder in Willis McGahee. You have no need for a McGahee clone who can’t stay healthy. It just makes no sense at all.

The point is, you don’t need and of these vets to win a Super Bowl. You already have a quality group of young guys surrounding Peyton.

Now to be clear, I personally hold no grudge against Manning and will be rooting for Denver every week while he is their QB. I hold no grudge against the players that are trying to latch on with Manning and I hope that each of them can find some late career success. I also fully understand the desire to play for a winner. But again, as a Denver fan, what is wrong with what you already have? #18 doesn’t need to be surrounded by his former teammates. #18 doesn’t need a familiar name snapping him the ball. #18 doesn’t needs to hand off to a guy he has seen on the field before. Why, because #18 is Peyton Manning.

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