The Dallas Cowboys Disappoint

Creative Commons License photo credit: phoch_98

Perhaps the “Power of the Jumbotron” will be more potent next season…

The Cowboys dashed my “really good reasons” for a Dallas win and lost 34-3 to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.  It became obvious VERY quickly that the Cowboys were completely out-matched and totally incapable of getting it together to challenge the Vikings.  Here’s the problem with the game:  The Vikings ran all over the Cowboys, but the Cowboys didn’t even seem like they were trying.

Dallas dropped the ball more times than my 1-year old and in the process made it look as though they were totally unprepared.  Suisham missed a field goal and the offense sputtered all game.

Jason Witten had 10 catches for 98 yards, but Miles Austin had a piddly 4 grabs for 34 yards.  Therein lies the Cowboys’ problem.  Their tight End was catching everything which mean they never stretched the field.  How in the world could they not AT LEAST go at Antoine Winfield (who is old and beat up) and try to make SOMETHING happen?

My “ace in the hole” Marion Barber ran for 14 yards on 8 carries further forcing me to rethink my reliance on running backs in picking games.  Felix Jones actually ran for more yardage, but only 69 yards on 14 carries.  Tony Romo lost two fumbles and managed to recover a third as he looked like a rookie (while Mark Sanchez was holding his own against the Chargers.)

Meanwhile, a 40-year old Brett Favre threw his way to another playoff win and made it look easy.  His TD pass to Sidney Rice (after Rice had blocked a lineman) was absolutely brilliant.  I don’t know how in the world he SAW Rice sort of fall into the middle of the field and I’m not sure why no one came down to get Rice after he sprung up from his block and just stood wide open about 5 yards from the endzone.

Basically, the Cowboys defense just made it harder for the Cowboys offense (who was already making it very hard.)  They failed in all phases of the game.

Now that the Cowboys have ended their playoff losing streak (last week against Philly) perhaps they can actually learn from this loss, tweak their team and become the powerhouse we all think they can be.

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