The Combine Creeps Me Out Just A Little

There have been comparisons coming out of RG3 and Andrew Luck as they met with the media at the NFL Combine yesterday.  Sure, you could watch their press conference and be impressed or not with how they handled it, but, we have to remember that not EVERY pro athlete is good with the media.  In fact, some of them are not good with the media because they’re just shy and reserved people.  So, when I see things like “RG3 outshines Luck in presser,” I just don’t understand what we’re comparing.

Yeah, I know, you can try to judge their poise and all of that, but I just don’t understand what we’re going to get out of it other than that.  Having a good press conference doesn’t mean anything.  For example, having a bad press conference does not make you a bad coach.  Mike Gundy, Dennis Green, Bill Parcells, and Jim Mora are all good coaches.  They’ve all had bad press conferences.  They get mocked in beer commercials all the time.  Heck, I even walk around sometimes and say, “I’m a man.  I’m 40.”  We talked about it once, and the chours teacher where I work started doing the beginning of his men’s chorus classes (warming up their voices) by having them say in a big manly voice “I’m a man.  I’m 40.”

However, that never made Mike Gundy a bad coach.  He was just a step shy of winning a national title this year.  So, he clearly doesn’t suck.

Now then, by that logic, a good or bad press conference says nothing.  Plus, these guys are probably talking about more personal stuff that is more impactful with the teams that interview them.  That is the kind of thing we can talk about.  If we see reports of how individual interviews went, then that would be good.

Press conferences do not a full grade make.



  1. http://Ava%20Gibbons says

    Some people have a natural gift of gab (Peyton Manning for instance) and are comfortable speaking to any size of group. Others refrain from saying too much (smart like Andrew Luck) which can be detrimental under certain circumstances. Then there are those who are extremely outgoing and really want to sell themselves (RG3). To me this over-confidence can be a warning. The QB must be a team leader, willing to take the blame himself for losses (even if it is other players who are responsible), cannot be so ‘into himself’ that his job is overlooked. I heard Cam Newton this past season (at least 5x) blaming his teammates for a bad game and praising himself for playing well. He pouted too much, boasted too much and just loves himself too much. RG3 on national tv was really pouring on his ‘I’m great’ attitude as well. Hope he buttons it up and proves worth on the field, not to the media and TV cameras. I want to see a good football player, conceit really irks me.

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