The Colts Are Noble, But…

The Colts say they are playing to win and not for the top pick.  Um, that’s stupid.  Do they even realize how they got here in the first place? They got the top pick many moons ago and drafted Peyton Manning who turned out to be the smartest quarterback in the history of forever.  Yeah.  So, not playing for the top pick now when it is a prospect like Andrew Luck, is idiotic at best.

The Celtics tanked a whole season to get a high pick so they could do what?  Oh yeah, draft Jeff Green and trade his rights to get Kevin Garnett.  That resulted in two finals trips and a title.  I don’t think they got the short end of that stick.

I hate the machismo that comes along with guys playing sports.  OF COURSE everyone wants to win.  DUH.  However, winning long term is something that most people are just not thinking about.  I know this might be hard to comprehend, but you need another quarterback for when Peyton is gone.  The Packers did it and look at them now.  Do you want to be the Packers or do you want to be the Arizona Cardinals?

They had Kurt Warner.  Then he retired.  Then they had nobody.  It was completely stupid.  They are still not completely over the fact that they were quarterbackless last year.  They should have drafted one and they didn’t and now look where they are.  It’s pathetic.

If the Colts want to suck for the next 15 years that’s fine by me, but they cannot complain when that happens.  They should just play for Luck.  Suck for Luck as some have called it, take the kid, and figure it out.  He could sit behind Peyton and learn alot.

Or your machismo could net you nothing and you could beat your chest for five minutes.

Your call.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Triple Tri

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