The Clock Is Ticking

NFLThe CBA clock is ticking so loudly now that NFL fans can hear little else.  It is almost a given that there will be NO new CBA in place by the deadline tonight.  What happens after that may be anyone’s guess.

The NFL and the Players Union are both continuing on with mediated talks today as the clock ticks away towards the deadline for a new agreement.  There are very, very few who think a deal will be reached before the last tick of the clock.  The two sides are just too far apart and with the ruling against the NFL’s “war chest” earlier this week, there are even more issues to be dealt with.  While the two sides may have made some progress, I believe it is very little and not nearly close enough to reach a deal today.

It looks more and more likely that a new deal will not be reached before the deadline, but I am still in the crowd of people who do not believe that either the NFL or the Players Union will let this stretch into the season and affect games.  To do so would be a little like committing suicide.  The fans are already starting to lean more towards the players side of things after the latest court ruling, but a complete shut down of the season would turn fans against the league is mass numbers.  Fans might be semi-okay with a delayed agreement being reached, but come August if there is no pre-season football being played, people will start to get extremely irritated.  Maybe even before then if no agreement impacts how teams draft without a rookie wage scale in place or hope of an upcoming season.  It could turn ugly really quickly.

Regardless, the deadline tonight will pass and the two sides will keep talking.  Every NFL fan hopes that they get it resolved in short order and sooner rather than later.

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