The Case for Andrew Luck

It seems to already have been decided by the media, fellow GM’s and owners, and the football community as a whole that Andrew Luck WILL be the next QB of the Indianapolis Colts. But according to one Jimmy Irsay, that decision has not yet been made. In light of this, let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of taking Mr. Luck number one overall.

On paper, this kid is perfect. A 6’ 4” 230+ pound pocket passer with good vision and accuracy. Not to mention that this kid can run, something Indy fans have not seen in over 14 years (unless you count the random Curtis Painter dash…. and I do not). Beyond the numbers, he has played the past three years in a Pro Style offense at Stanford providing him with three years of valuable experience in a very similar system that he will see at the NFL level.

The best part about Luck though, is his accuracy. The old adage states that a young QB that is above average at everything but lacks accuracy will fail. It doesn’t matter if the kid can throw an 80-yard spiral or run the 40 in 4.25, if he isn’t accurate, he isn’t going to last. Andrew Luck is an accurate passer and his numbers speak for themselves:

2009 – 162/288 (56.3%)
2010 – 263/372 (70.7%)
2011 – 288/404 (71.3%)

At his pro-day, Luck did nothing to hurt his status as the top prospect in this year’s draft. He showed off his unbelievable accuracy completing 46/50 attempts with three of the incompletion’s being drops by his WRs (including a perfect 70-yard bomb to the endzone). Luck also demonstrated his ability to move and hit receivers outside of the pocket while showing off his mechanics and footwork. All he did was cement himself as the favorite (according to everyone but Irsay) to be picked by the Colts.

So what are his negatives? Originally, I would have said arm strength, but a 70-yard spiral pretty well kills that argument. He has no major injury history, he has proven to be a stable presence in the pocket, he is a leader, and he has great mechanics. So what do you have?

I guess the biggest “con” that Luck will have to overcome is the hype. Ask Ryan Leaf, Ricky Williams, and David Carr how hard it is to perform at the level that everyone expects from you after an exceptional college career. Personally, I think a guy like heave was set up for failure. He was the “sexy” pick in the ’98 draft, and the expectations were that he would be the next superstar, and anything less would be a failure. He was constantly compared to Manning (as Luck will be to RG3) and each time he failed to keep up, the “bust” label grew.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing Andrew Luck to Ryan Leaf. Luck seems to be a good kid with a very level head. He is coming in with a very humble attitude and a few years of playing at a high level like Manning did. I fully expect him to be a star in the NFL quickly. But his focus has to remain strong, his skin has to be thick, and his performance has to be perfect. That is the world he now lives in as a top rated QB. Fair or not, these are the high (nearly impossible) expectations that he has to meet to be a success.

At the end of the day, the fact that the only con I could think of was “hype” should speak volumes. This kid has it all, and truly looks to be the next Peyton Manning. As a Colts fan, I appreciate the due diligence being done by our front office, but like the rest of you, it seems to be a no brainer at this point and I feel fortunate to be able to go from one top prospect, the another.

Check back later in the week for the case for Griffin.


  1. http://Ava%20Gibbons says

    I sure hope Mr Irsay, the new GM and Coach WILL PICK Luck. I think the hype around RG3 is the problem. Luck has better size, durability and better passing from pocket than Griffin. Griffin is much more out of the shotgun. Luck has great footwork too. He’s spent numerous years at the Peyton Manning Passing Academy as a student and last year worked as a counsellor. His off season training comes from the best possible person, the one he will replace. I like his attitude, his composure and the fact he has no off field issues or injury concerns. Griffin did miss almost a full year from a bumb knee and that makes me leary because he likes to run, alot. The RG3 hype is casting doubt to Colts management. I wish they’d get back to reality and stick to the pick that will give them a solid QB for many years. I just don’t have a good feeling about RG3-call it woman’s intuition if you will. If they don’t go with Luck, I’m not certain I can get interested with RG3. He is suited to Washington and how they are building around him. Luck is a good fit for Indy or they wouldn’t have let Peyton go. Not a great idea to have doubts now.

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