The Bills Rookie Camp & Notes

The Buffalo Bills wrapped up rookie training camp in the past few days. Chan Gailey spoke to the media after the camp, and had some interesting thoughts on the camp. He felt he saw some good things, and something’s that were not so good. The big thing he commented on that I thought was interesting was how to weigh the rookie’s mental capacity. That is the big thing about scouting for the draft. You can see a guy run, catch, jump, move side to side, but can not really gauge their mental capacity.

Players are getting novels for playbooks and need to know the in’s and out’s of that book. Most of these rookies are getting a good idea of how fast the game is played, and need to know their assignments. The rookie’s need to adapt to the fact they need to know what to do before the play rather than think about that they should do. What I mean by that is they are thinking what to do on the next play, rather than, analyzing the opposition formation and know what to do, like breathing. You are breathing, but you do not think about it because it is so natural. To make it in the NFL that is what they will need to do.

Now to the Bills camp. Mark Asper, offensive-line, was moved from his natural position of guard/tackle to center. He played the guard/tackle position at Oregon, but for the Bills it seems he will be better fit to fill the center position. Also, for the front line they drafted Zebrie Sanders, and Gailey had this to say:

“He did a good job. We left him at right tackle the whole weekend and I thought he did a good job of picking up things. He got better. His stance got better. His sets got better. I thought he did a nice job. He’s got a ways to go just like they all do but he did a fine job during the weekend.”

These two lineman, as well as Cordy Glen, will be vital in getting the Bills over the hump. In order to succeed in the AFC East, they will need to control the clock with the run, and give Fitz some added protection on his blind-side.

Now for the first round pick by the Buffalo Bills, Stephen Gilmore. This was a big need for the Bills coming in to the Draft, and addressed it very well. The Bills gave up some big plays in the secondary, and ranked one of the worst in total defense (26th) in 2011. Here on Gailey’s thought’s on Gilmore from rookie camp:

“Confidence is something that’s vital, especially at the cornerback position. It’s vital at some other spots, but it’s really vital at the cornerback position. He played well and did well in this camp. Now, when he goes against the other guys he’s going to lose some. How does he handle getting beat? He didn’t get beat a lot out here, so how does he handle that? He’s going to go through some emotions so that maturity and that confidence will help him I think. He’s played in a tough league. He knows what it’s about.”

In all, the coaches can not wait to see how these rookies fair against the veterans.

Some additional notes from the Bills, they signed QB Vince Young to a one-year deal. He knows that he will be competing for the back-up role to Ryan Fitzpatrick, but should he be the Vince Young of old he could he might have a chance. We saw Fitz waiver last year after the first six games. Granted Fitz gets paid more, but here is Vince with something to prove.

Things are starting to really pick up with OTA’s coming, and teams will begin to really asses what they have. Soon coaches will be cutting players to meet the 52 man roster. Opening night is not that far away!!

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