The Best Roster in the NFL – The San Francisco 49ers

Why does a young team with the best defense in the NFL, a conservative but efficient offense, and a great young head coach who came within two fumbled punt returns of going to the Super Bowl in place of the world champion New York Giants need to “improve” their roster? Why wouldn’t they simply regroup in the offseason and make another title run with the guys they have? Because in the NFL, the best Defense in 2011 can easily be a mid-pack defense in 2012. That is the way of the NFL today. Teams adjust and constantly retool their lineups to counter the best. While the 49ers easily had one of the best rosters in 2011, after a HUGE offseason, they easily have the BEST roster in 2012 – hands down.

The 49ers really had only two needs on defense, resign Ahmad Brooks and Carlos Rogers. If they could do this, the Defense would return in 2012 almost fully intact and healthy and ready for another dominating year in a very weak NFC West. For those of you on the edge of your seats right now, they did just that, and they added Perrish Cox, a talented but troubled DB who, if he can keep his off field issues out of the Bay Area, could be a major factor as a #3 or #4 corner.

What this team really needed was a clear direction at QB and at their skill positions. With a stout offensive line that saw some turnover, the main focus had to be the playmakers. In reality, Alex Smith has the talent; he has just been slow to develop it. What the 49ers realized was for Smith to truly flourish, he had to be surrounded by great players who not only could make a tough catch, but could create a play after the catch. With one of the best TEs in football already on the roster, the team went after outside playmakers. The result: one of the best WRs to ever play the game. Randy Moss shocked us all by coming out of an early retirement to provide Alex Smith with a sure handed deep threat. Combined with Michael Crabtree, the 49ers suddenly had a truly potent 1-2 WR combo. But they weren’t done yet, they then added Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham, an ideal outside/slot style WR who has amazing speed and after the catch ability and sure hands. With these two signings, they turned their WR corp from a mid-pack group to an elite group, but they still weren’t done.

Workhorse back Frank Gore finally got some much needed help in the backfield in Brandon Jacobs. The two of these guys combined make a dream thunder/lighting type situation. The arrival of Jacobs allows the 49ers to keep Gore fresh throughout the season, which should strike real fear into the rest of the NFC. While Gore has a great combination of speed, power, and field vision, he is only one man and despite the 49ers best efforts to compliment him with another runner, it just hasn’t happened. Finally, in 2012, Gore will have a quality backup.

Now I am sure some of you are thinking, man the Packers are loaded, the Pats are awesome, the Texans are good when healthy, and the Eagles are the “Dream Team.” But if you really look at a true combination of youth and vets, guys who haven’t reached their ceiling, years in the system, and depth across all three teams (offense, defense, and special teams), nobody – for emphasis – NOBODY can touch the San Francisco 49ers. So assuming they have someone else fielding punts this year, they should walk right through the NFC and to their first Super Bowl title since the 90’s.


  1. I am a Colts fan actually.

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