The Baby and The Bathwater

Given the mania that is Tim Tebow, especially in Denver, is it folly to ask if the Broncos are going to be bullied into throwing out the baby and the bathwater by rabid fans? John Elway is straining with all his might to resist doing so, but the cult of personality may win out over the reality of not being ready for the NFL.  To the Broncos ultimate detriment.

By all accounts, Tim Tebow is a great guy.  He is sincere, likable and extremely, no make that wildly popular.  However, when Denver parted ways with Josh McDaniel they lost their best hope of training Tebow into an NFL quarterback.  For all his popularity, one NFL win and a few flashy runs over one season does not make an NFL quarterback no matter how much people in Denver think so.  If the Broncos want to return to their Elway Super Bowl greatness they have to use Orton and draft and develop or trade for a quarterback who can actually take them there.

Tebow might be that quarterback in four or five years IF he were to receive the proper training and IF he were to be able to actually do what he was taught on the field.  Those things are unproven and John Fox is not the man to do it.  In fact, right now, no one on the Broncos front office or coaching staff seems willing to bring along an ill-prepared (not Tebow’s fault entirely it was the system he played in) QB.  Elway is doing everything humanly possible to make it clear to anyone who will pay attention that Tebow is NOT his QB of choice and neither is Orton.  He is on the hunt for the next Elway and the next QB to bring a Super Bowl trophy back to Denver.  Elway does not believe Tebow is that guy.

But will Elway and everyone else in Broncos land be bulldozed by the mania that is Tebow.  In the eyes of millions of Denver residents and others who worship at the altar of Tebow, the celebrity, rather than see what Tebow means or does not mean to the team, push Elway and the rest of the team to play Tebow ready or not?  If the team fails, who will the fans blame?  Not Tebow of course.  It will be John Fox who gets the anger.  These manic fans haven’t even considered that the way Tebow plays lends itself to him getting injured.  Nothing matters.  Not wins, not what is best for the team, not getting a QB that can actually play in the NFL.  All that matters is that Tebow is a celebrity and a nice one and the Broncos should bow down and just go with it.

If Orton starts out badly for the Broncos or if they do not go out and get a competing QB, you can bet the outcry from Broncos fans will be too much to bear and the team will cave and play Tebow.  Without the proper technique and retraining of the way he plays, I fear for his on the field safety.  And yes, I do believe it will be detrimental to the team.  But the fans will get what they want, oh yes, they will get their celebrity and stay mired in mediocrity or worse.

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