The 2012 NFL Ride so far…

So here is what we, as football fans, are looking at so far this year; a pretty good Super Bowl, a god among men leaves his team, new coaches everywhere, “Bounty-Gate” and the always revolving debate on who should go number one.  This has been a ride so far and it’s just heating up.

The beginning of 2012 brought the Super Bowl to the wonderful city of Indianapolis,Indiana.  While the city hosted the event, the weather cooperated and the city got rave reviews on how well it hosted one of the biggest sporting events in the world.  The citizens of the city received many compliments on how nice everyone was and how much fun everyone had while they were here in our great city. Indianapolis knocked one out of the park and could have possibly set itself up for another run at the big game down the road.  It was an amazing experience and I’m sure after what I saw and what I heard others from out of town say, there is no doubt there will be another Super Bowl in Indy.

Peyton Manning, who has been the quarterback and face of a franchise for 13 years, is cut by the Indianapolis Colts due to salary cap issues and health concerns; also to usher in the new era of Indianapolis football and make way for the heir apparent Andrew Luck.  Every True Blue fan watched as our field general thanked the team, organization and fans for the great years and memories he has collected over the years.  Many of us cried and many of us had heavy hearts and doubts about he direction this franchise was headed.  Peyton was not just a football star here but he meant a lot to the City of Indianapolis and will be missed by many.

New coaches in Miami,Indianapolis,St. Louis and Tampa Bay have brought new and exciting things to their respective teams. Miami hired a former Green Bay assistant to head their team with the hopes of bringing the Green Bay way to South Beach. St. Louis brought back an oldie but a goody in Jeff Fisher.  The man that held onto the reins when the Oilers left Houston and helped them become Titans in Tennessee. Tampa Bay brought in a former college football head coach with hopes of him injecting something into this team to help them get over the hump, just like Pete Carroll did last season in Seattle. Indianapolis brought in former defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano in hopes that he will bring the Baltimore defensive swagger along with him.  Many welcome changes for the teams I’m sure, but time will tell if they were the right moves.

“Bounty-Gate” has been a major topic of discussion among everyone involved with the NFL or for the matter football in general.  The NFL handed down stiff penalties to Sean Payton, GM Mickey Loomis and assistant coach Joe Vitt.  They all appealed their suspensions but were smacked down mightily by NFL Comish Roger Goodell.  The biggest part to this whole story was the part that former New Orleans defensive coordinator and now former St. Louis defensive coordinator Gregg Williams played.  A coach in the locker room and during defensive meetings putting money up to his players to injure the opposing teams “star” players.  And now, not only was there speculation that this was going on but there is audio that has been released of this actually happening.  If you didn’t know Gregg Williams received an indefinite suspension.  This is code for NEVER COACHING AGAIN!!??

And finally, the moment that every NFL fan waits for…the NFL Draft.  The ongoing debate of who goes number one has been going on before Peyton Manning even left for Denver.  Everyone has their two cents in on the matter and it seems as if it’s down to former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck or former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.  These two men have been analyzed in every way possible.  And come April 26th, we will all see who the Indianapolis Colts decide to hand over the reins of an entire NFL offense to and see if they can do it or if they are a draft bust.

This has all happened and OTA’s, mini camps, training camps or the NFL season hasn’t even started.  This has been one hell of a ride so far on the wings of the NFL and if I were you I would strap in for an even better ride after the draft is done because then the real work starts.  Then the fun begins.

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