That’s What He Said

I do not care what Colts owner Jim Irsay or QB Peyton Manning have to say, neither of them is telling the whole truth.

There has been much made of the “war of word” between Irsay and Manning over the last week.  Tweet fight has become the new catch phrase of the day.  Only people are making a lot out of nothing because what Irsay and Manning are “fighting” about has little to do with the truth of the situation.  Neither of them is telling the truth about where it is the Colts and Peyton Manning truly are.  But I will…or what I BELIEVE to be the truth.

I believe that the Colts made their decision about whether to keep Peyton Manning on their team weeks ago.  Maybe even months ago.  Manning is going to be owed a very hefty pile of money soon in the form of a bonus that it’s in his contract.  Millions upon millions of dollars are on the line for the Colts.  Their team finished an abysmal season without Manning.  They fired just about everyone associated with the team.  They have the number 1 draft pick this year and have said that they WILL take Andrew Luck in that spot.  Those are the facts from the Colts side that are in the public domain.

On Peyton’s side, he stands to be paid millions in bonus money.  He hasn’t participated in ANY football related activity outside of VERY light throwing for months upon months.  He has not said what the doctors have actually told him regarding his neck injury and “supposed” fusion and playing football going forward.  He has made no strides to indicate that he is anywhere even remotely close to 100% playing shape or even 10% playing shape.  He has given the Colts zero information that is PUBLIC DOMAIN about his ability to be the starting QB this next season.  Those are the facts from Peyton’s side in the public domain.

However, it’s the things that aren’t being said publicly that are the truth of the matter.  I believe that the Colts made their decision about Peyton months ago based on what they know to be the truth of his neck situation.  I believe that Peyton’s neck is most likely fused.  HOWEVER, I do not believe that anyone has told him that if he plays he can do so without the potential risk of a career ending and possibly significantly life altering injury.  That is what I BELIEVE to be the truth.

The Colts are not going to spend millions upon millions on a guy who MAY or MAY NOT be able to play like he did before his injury and who MAY or MAY NOT be at risk for a career ending of life altering injury.  It’s just not going to happen and anything else that’s being said publicly is just smoke and mirrors to cover the truth.  Neither the Colts or Manning are going to say that in public because then Peyton’s career would be over.

If he is willing to take that risk then he has to make himself attractive to other teams.  But won’t they have to be informed by the doctor’s of the truth?  Won’t Peyton have to tell potential teams the truth of his situation?  Wouldn’t not doing so be akin to “fraud” or at the very least misrepresentation?  It’s a murky river that the Colts and Manning are rowing through but their public “fight” has very little to do with the truth or does it?

Perhaps the “fight” is just the end result of the two parties knowing the truth but not saying the truth in public.  The “fight” is the result of what’s going on behind the scenes in regards to the actual truth.  Out in the public though it just looks like so much words because in the public the real truth is not part of the equation.

A real football fan would be wise to take all this “fight” talk with a grain of salt because that’s what he said isn’t quite the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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