Testing for HGH

HGH (human growth hormone) is illegal in the NFL. Players are not allowed to use it, but the problem is that currently the league doesn’t test for it. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants to change that. He said in a recent interview that he wants to “protect the integrity of our game” by including HGH in the standard battery of drug testing. Goodell also says that testing for HGH has become an issue with all areas of negotiations. The players union is opposed to testing.

Currently, the only way for a player to get disciplined for HGH use is if he gets outed some other way. By then, the league may already be watching the player for other violations which are testable under their rules. I appreciate what Goodell is trying to do, although I do think he contradicts himself. On one hand, he wants to test for HGH, but on the other, he doesn’t discipline players who have crossed the line and need it. Perhaps he thinks that establishing rules will help reign things in better than enforcement? Regardless, I think this is going to be another battle with the league and players that will not be resolved any time soon.

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