TCU Continues Conference Hopping

Before ever playing a game in the Big East, TCU has left and joined the Big 12.  It might be the Big 12 or whatever it plans to be named after the game “musical conferences” is done.  Now it’s up to the Big East to regain momentum and recruit teams, no matter where they are from.

After the path was cleared by the remaining schools in the Big 12 to allow another Texas school in the conference, the invitation was submitted to TCU last Friday.   Thus another chapter to the Horned Frog story was penned.

TCU, a current member of the Mountain West Conference, has played in three conferences since the dissolution of the Southwest Conference in 1996.  They were set to play in the Big East in 2012. Now, the Frogs will join the Big 12 officially on July 1, 2012.  This also will reestablish old rivalries with Texas, Texas Tech and Baylor.

It is rumored that since TCU is entering the Big 12 on short notice, they will take over the vacated 2012 schedule from Texas A&M’s move to the SEC.  That is not being denied.  It is also reported TCU has to pay the Big East a $5 million penalty for leaving the conference.

Now the pawn is on the side of the Big East.  What are their intentions?  It didn’t take long to find out.

Almost immediately after TCU made their announcement, Big East schools gave approval for the conference to expand to as many as 12 teams for football, a move that could involve adding six members.

ESPN.Com is reporting the new 6 schools could be Navy, Air Force, Army, Memphis, Central Florida, East Carolina and Temple.  Villanova, a conference member in basketball that currently plays football at the FCS level but could move to the FBS with help from the conference.

Another crazy idea thrown around is Boise State.  The Big East could extend an invitation to the Broncos for a football only scenario.  But then, as with Air Force, the travel logistics would be extraordinary as the other ten teams would have to make a trip into Idaho and Colorado.

The situation in the Big East has even prompted Ara Parsegian to speak out.  The former Notre Dame Head coach said over the weekend that Notre Dame could be forced to join a conference for football if the move toward a few super conferences continues.  The sanest move would be to the Big East, where they currently belong in basketball.  Plus it would allow the conference to maintain National credibility.

Whatever the choice, the merry go round continues in college football.  Something we haven’t seen in this lifetime and may never see again.  Sure schools winning and losing for a period of years is cyclical.  However this time the balance of power is shifting and the smaller schools are being left out.  We may never see a team like Boise State or TCU allowed to compete with the big boys for a national title ever again.

Meanwhile the NCAA sits back and does nothing except rake in the millions and millions they are allowed to by the University Presidents.

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