Take Notes Jay Cutler

After Jay Cutler went out of the Bears playoff game with an apparent injury, he was eviscerated by many people for not showing leadership.  Even if you accepted that he was injured, people still wanted him to show some leadership to his team, any leadership.  They wanted to see him on the sidelines still involved in the game.  Especially since it was apparent that his injury was not that bad.  Perhaps he should take some notes from watching Charles Woodson after his injury in the Super Bowl.

Charles Woodson is one of the best in the game.  He plays his position with heart, with intelligence.  He gives it 110% all the time.  But what Woodson brings to the Packers is leadership.  On the field.  Off the field.  He is a leader of men.  He shows the way rather than follows the path left by others.  He does everything that Cutler never has.

Woodson went out of the Super Bowl game and it was later revealed that he had a broken collarbone.  Broken bone.  He put on his street clothes and came back out on to the sidelines.  He stood there watching every single play.  He tried to give a speech to the team at halftime but found he could only cry.  His teammates went back onto the field to play for him.  Cheering his team mates even while grimacing in pain.  He remained there giving encouragement.  Talking to players when they came off the field.  Offering leadership.  Showing heart.  Being present for his team.  His loss on the field was huge for the Packers but his presence on the sidelines even while in pain, was immeasurable.  It’s the kind of thing you can’t measure.  What it means to a team, to a player, to see that kind of leadership on display.  Cutler has no idea what I’m even talking about here.

This is what people wanted to see from him.  This is why he is now vilified by football fans all over America.  This is why Bears fans I know personally are ashamed to say he’s on their team.  It’s not because he went out with an injury, that happens in football all the time.  It’s because he went out with no heart and showed no leadership afterwards.  If anyone needs a lesson in what it means to be a leader, they should sit and watch Charles Woodson at the Super Bowl and take notes.


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