Mistake Made

Brett Favre
I have liked Randy Moss ever since he came to the Patriots.  I am a Pats fan after all.  I think the Pats made him better and he made the Pats better.  But I think his move to the Vikings is a big mistake, not for the Pats, but for Moss.

I know there is a lot more to the story in New England than we, the fans, will ever know.  I do believe Moss wanted out and that was the catalyst that started everything else.  But there’s a lot more to it than that.  The Patriots run a tight ship though and the odds of the whole story coming out in my lifetime are slim and none.  That being said, Moss got what he wanted, but it’s not going to work out the way he had hoped.

Head vs Heart

I have enjoyed every single minute Randy Moss has been with the Patriots.  Because of his play contribution, my team has won Super Bowls.  He and Tom Brady have been a joy to watch work together.  When I got the text that he might be leaving the team, I almost couldn’t breathe.  My heart was overplaying my head.

Sofa Observations

Brett Favre
Last night, while watching Vikings Saints game I realized a few things as I was on my sofa.  Some of them were surprising and sadly, some of them were not.

I was not surprised the Saints won.  I picked them to win by 3 and they won by 5.  I was not surprised that their defense played better than expected.  The Saints are a tough team, though many people never say that when they talk about them.  I was not surprised that they went to the running game in the 2nd half at all.  That is their MO.  Get ahead, eat up the clock, win the game.  Most people think they are about passing yards, but in reality, what they are really about is winning most of the time.

Game On

Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 in New Orleans-264
The NFL kicks off the season by revisiting one of the big matchups of 2009 – the New Orleans Saints vs The Minnesota Vikings.  Storylines abound in the season opener and it’s game on.

Favre to Start on Sunday for the Vikings

Brett Favre doesn’t need training camp! Pishaw! In fact, Vikings Coach Brad Childress says he’ll be ready to go on Sunday to start at the QB position. Childress said Favre was “doing a good job of rounding into” and that he can throw but needs some work on his legs. No words about how the ankle was doing, but let’s face it, even if it’s messed up, it’s Favre and he’ll play and suck it up.

Apparently Favre will only be in one or two plays, however. In a sense, this is his training camp. A couple plays here and there and he’s ready to go! Wouldn’t it be interesting if all players were like that.

Percy Harvin Back at Practice

Percy Harvin is back at practice today after leaving the hospital for a migraine. Migraines, as anyone who has ever suffered them, are just so awful. It’s nice to see the Minnesota Vikings working with Harvin on this. They have been very understanding with his attacks, and besides that they really need him in their offensive lineup.

No word on when Harvin will be back in the game, even preseason. Harvin has had a history with these attacks and when they are over he can usually come back hard. The Vikings need him badly so they can’t afford to lose him.