Is This The End?

FavreBrett Favre left the game very early in the 1st quarter on Sunday for the Vikings after suffering a SC sprain (sternoclavicular) to his right throwing shoulder after being hit and put on the ground.  It is the first such injury of Favre’s career and may be the last.

Not For Long

I’ve decided to rename the NFL the Not For Long league because there are some teams and players that are not long for this season.  Some that should have been done a while back and some that are definitely done now.

Vikings – Brett Favre, Brad Childress, and the entire Vikings team – not for long.  Favre is losing games for the Vikings and has been all season with his poor throws and never ending drama.  Childress has no control over a team that conceded all control to Favre.  The Vikings because the ownership will not bench Favre or fito Childress this season.  And this season is OVER for the Vikings – it was over a month ago.

The End is Near

The storyline is ending. Curtains are drawing closed. The Audience is leaving. The applause is faint and fleeting. It has happened before to all our stars. Michael Jordan. Cal Ripken. Even Joe Montana. But this year we will lose a star like no other. Notre Dame football has their own network. ESPN has taken over Brett Farve.

It’s Over…Probably

It’s kind of like a Brett Favre retiring not retiring drama – you think the Vikings are done, but then they show some life, and then they just look pathetic.  Or maybe it’s just a parallel of Brett Favre himself, you think he’s done, he comes back, he plays okay, he plays like crap, you think he’s done, he comes back.  It’s a never ending cycle of drama and that is why the Vikings lose games.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Several NFL teams should have won, would have won, or could have won yesterday that didn’t.  It was a day for looking like you had the game in the bag only to find the bag had a hole in it.  Some big comeback efforts and some heartbreaking endings for several teams that shoulda, woulda, coulda been different.

The Buffalo Bills had the Chicago Bears down for most of the game.  The Bills played much better than the Bears did, but they let the Bears come back.  At the end of the game it was Bears 22 Bills 19.   The Bills have played well all season only to come up short in just about every game.  It’s got to be heartbreaking to almost win just about every game you play.

Here We Go Again

So, the only team to claim Randy Moss was the Tennessee Titans.  Once again, everyone is SO excited.  The very same words being uttered.  Randy opens up the field.  Randy draws defenders.  Randy can really help our team.  Heard that before recently?

Purple Haze

Purple Haze
Look, I seriously have ZERO idea what is going on with the Vikings.  It’s almost as if they have a compulsive need to be in the headlines.  It’s like the entire organization is peopled by narcissists.  This team is 2-5 and ALL they ever do is create some sort of drama for themselves instead of trying to work to fix their problems with winning.  I just do not get it.

It’s You Not Them

Brett Favre
The Vikings lost to the Packers 28 to 24 on Sunday and although both teams made their share of errors, the reason the Vikings lost is Brett Favre, plain and simple.

Favre threw 3 interceptions during the game and made numerous bad passes outside of that, like the one at the end of the game out of bounds.  But it was a pair of interceptions in the 3rd quarter that cost the Vikings the win.  Those 2 interceptions were turned into touchdowns by the Packers.  Those two interceptions cost the Vikings the game.  Those two interceptions were thrown by Favre.

Must Win

040There are several really good games scheduled today in the NFL, but I think the one that means the most to both teams is the Vikings/Cowboys match up.  In reality, this is a must win game for both teams.  The team that loses is likely done for the season as far as playoffs go.  It’s the pivotal game of their seasons and they both need it, badly.

Favre Is Done

Brett Favre
And no, I’m not talking about his “alleged” sexting episodes.  I mean his actual NFL career.  Favre is done with the NFL, whether he retires at end of season or in the middle.  He’s finished.

Favre returned to the Vikings for one reason and one reason only, for the chance to win a Super Bowl.  When he made this decision, which despite all the media hype and his own wishy washy attitude, was made at the end of LAST season.  He thought he would have Rice, Harvin, Peterson.  He thought that he was so close last year, that with the same pieces basically, he would have a real shot at it this year.  That is the ONLY reason he drug his 40-year-old self back to the game.  That, and the fact he absolutely lives for the adulation.  But turns out he was wrong.