Secondary Becomes Primary Focus In 2012 For Vikings

The Minnesota secondary was, without question, one of the worst units in professional football a season ago.

The Vikings ranked near the bottom of the league in YPG in the air while allowing 34 passing TDs. This was furthered evidenced by the Minnesota front office signing CB Chris Carr of the Baltimore Ravens and Zachary Brown of the Bears. The Vikings also used some of their plethora of draft picks to trade up for Notre Dame S Harrison Smith and draft the highly talented Josh Robinson out of Central Florida. All of these moves, and the hopeful return of CB Chris Cook will make for a new-look Minnesota secondary.

The Vikings of Los Angeles

The Minnesota Vikings stadium situation is getting more serious by the day and Los Angeles still appears to be a player in the grand scheme of things.

In what seemed to be doom for the Vikings to get a new stadium in Minneapolis, the NFL commish Roger Goodell paid a visit to the state capitol to try and jump start failed negotiations.  Apparently, it may have had some effect as on Friday by a narrow vote, a Minnesota Senate committee approved a public subsidy to try and help the Vikings get a new stadium built.  The hearing lasted nearly four hours and resulted in a 8-6 vote in favor of the subsidy.   It is hope, but still dim hope, as the Minnesota state legislature is in the waning days of its session and a similar bill was defeated in a house committee just days ago.

No Vikings For You

The Minnesota Vikings appear to be very close to finally signing a deal to remain in Minnesota for the long term.  That means that the Vikings are no longer in contention to be a team that would move to Los Angeles.

For many months now speculation has been rampant along with rumors about what teams might make the move to Los Angeles if they are successful in bringing an NFL franchise back there.  The Vikings were one of the most rumored teams given the fact that their lease with the Metrodome expires at the end of this year’s regular season and the reluctance in some quarters to build the team a new stadium.

Here, You Give It A Try

This coming weekend at least 3 NFL teams will give new quarterbacks a shot at leading their respective teams.  They are all hoping for different outcomes this time around.

The Redskins have decided to put Rex Grossman on the bench and go with John Beck.  At the first of the preseason, the team was going back and forth and back and forth between Grossman and Beck trying to find one that worked and finally they settled on Grossman.  Well, Grossman turned out to be the same QB he’s always been and the Redskins are now going back to Beck.  The Redskins have had a basic void at QB for years now.  I am not sure that Beck is that answer either.  But with a winning record going into week 7 the Redskins aren’t ready for another 4 INT performance.

More Hits To The Head

In a time where football players and head injuries is taking center stage, yet another NFL player is taking to the boxing ring during the lockout.  It seems to me that more hits to the head are the last thing an NFL player should subject himself to.

Just this week in an interview, former Steelers QB great Terry Bradshaw admitted that he was suffering symptoms of memory loss and undergoing treatment for the same.  He said he had suffered at least six known concussions, more than mild ones, and probably many more mild ones not diagnosed over his career.  He is now paying the price for those head injuries with memory loss.  He is just one of many NFL players to suffer the same kinds of symptoms and some have suffered much, much worse.

Justice Is Blind

FavreNot really though.  Justice as meted out in sports is selectively blind.  Some players get the maximum punishment while others are basically allowed to slide by to preserve their reputations.  Brett Favre is one such player.

Nothing Left To Lose

It’s an old sports adage that played itself out last night in the Eagles/Vikings game.  A team with nothing left to lose is a team you need to be afraid of.  The Eagles definitely were not scared enough and now they are the 3 seed for the playoffs and no home field advantage.

The Tarvaris Jackson Experiment Ends

For months now we’ve heard about letting Tarvaris Jackson play in place of Brett Favre. Why are they playing Brett Favre? He’s a DIVA. What these people who yak about Favre don’t seem to get is that there is a COACH who puts players in. They don’t put themselves in. Get it? Do we get it now? Because now we have the question about why we didn’t put Tarvaris Jackson in earlier has been answered. Jackson sucks. The Vikings need to can him and send him packing.

End Of The Road

As anyone who reads my work knows, I am not a fan of Brett Favre’s.  Not so much his on the field work as his off the field antics.  I am not a fan of a drama creator especially in sports and I believe that his drama fest has significantly hurt the Vikings.  However, his streak of 297 starts is a feat to be admired and for that I applaud him.

The Streak

In the NFL, Brett Favre is once again the top story.  Will he play this weekend?  Will his consecutive games streak end?  What about the Jen Sterger investigation now in the hands of Roger Goodell? Can Favre stay in the drama spotlight until the end of the season?