Chargers Doctors In Trouble for Over Prescribing Meds

Two doctors with the San Diego Chargers are in heaps of trouble over some allegations that they have been over-prescribing medications. The doctors, David Chao and Calvin Wong, has reportedly issued “hundreds of suspicious and illegal prescriptions.”

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The investigation started because of Kevin Ellison, formerly with the Chargers and now with the Seahawks, when he was arrested for having 100 Vicodins a couple months ago. I’m not sure how often this crap happens, but it reminded me of Any Given Sunday, where the doctor isn’t sure whether to send the guy out on the field and he’s just begging them for some juice to get him through the game. It isn’t right, but it obviously happens. Needless to say if the doctors are convicted, they’ll probably lose their licenses and livelihood. As for the players? They might get a measly fine and told not to do it again.