Gobble Gobble

Empire State of Turkey
Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means a few things to most Americans.  Family, turkey, and football.  A set of 3 games are on tap for Thanksgiving Day viewing this year.

First up, the Patriots travel to the Lions to kick off turkey day football.  The Lions have had quite the time of it this year with some questionable calls and their quarterback Stafford being injured for a big part of the season.  They are a much better team than people give them credit, but they are not going to beat the Patriots.  New England is getting things together and are starting to work on all sides of the ball.  The game against the Colts showed that the Patriots, even with their young defense, can play and win against anyone.  The Lions are just having too many issues to compete with the Brady and company.  I look for this game to be very one sided in favor of the Pats.  Maybe next year Lions fans.

Sometimes Luck Better Than Being Good

The New Orleans Saints had more than a little luck on their side last night in their last second win over the 49ers.  The game, which had been another mostly defensive showdown, became quite back and forth in the scoring in the 2nd half.  The win came down to the buzzer with the Saints having the luck to come out on top.

For the first half, it was another showcase of defense as so many games this season have been so far.  Very low scoring, 9 to 7 at the half with the Saints leading.  An early game safety started things off followed by two TDs, one for each team, and that was all the scoring there was.

Sofa Observations

Brett Favre
Last night, while watching Vikings Saints game I realized a few things as I was on my sofa.  Some of them were surprising and sadly, some of them were not.

I was not surprised the Saints won.  I picked them to win by 3 and they won by 5.  I was not surprised that their defense played better than expected.  The Saints are a tough team, though many people never say that when they talk about them.  I was not surprised that they went to the running game in the 2nd half at all.  That is their MO.  Get ahead, eat up the clock, win the game.  Most people think they are about passing yards, but in reality, what they are really about is winning most of the time.

Game On

Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 in New Orleans-264
The NFL kicks off the season by revisiting one of the big matchups of 2009 – the New Orleans Saints vs The Minnesota Vikings.  Storylines abound in the season opener and it’s game on.

There’s No Politics in Football!

Just like there is “no crying in baseball,” there should not be politics in football. Sure, the game itself has politics, but I’m talking about the politics that are in Washington. To that end, the folks over at NBC Sports have mentioned that the Saints have not yet visited the White House. Remember how President Obama was rooting for the Saints? Now that the Saints have won, they should, like every single Super Bowl winning team, visit the White House.

Jardineros de la Casa Blanca
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