Gobble Gobble

Empire State of Turkey
Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means a few things to most Americans.  Family, turkey, and football.  A set of 3 games are on tap for Thanksgiving Day viewing this year.

First up, the Patriots travel to the Lions to kick off turkey day football.  The Lions have had quite the time of it this year with some questionable calls and their quarterback Stafford being injured for a big part of the season.  They are a much better team than people give them credit, but they are not going to beat the Patriots.  New England is getting things together and are starting to work on all sides of the ball.  The game against the Colts showed that the Patriots, even with their young defense, can play and win against anyone.  The Lions are just having too many issues to compete with the Brady and company.  I look for this game to be very one sided in favor of the Pats.  Maybe next year Lions fans.

Count On It

This NFL season has been one unbelievable thing after another.  Teams winning that shouldn’t.  Teams not winning that should.  Parity “apparently” across the divisions.  Drama on some teams to rival reality TV.  It’s just not been a season of what one would expect.  But this weekend comes the rivalry game that is THE game each year, or it was.  In years past, it was the game people could count on to bring the rivalry back to the NFL.  This year, don’t count on it.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze
Look, I seriously have ZERO idea what is going on with the Vikings.  It’s almost as if they have a compulsive need to be in the headlines.  It’s like the entire organization is peopled by narcissists.  This team is 2-5 and ALL they ever do is create some sort of drama for themselves instead of trying to work to fix their problems with winning.  I just do not get it.

Moss, Moss Who?

The Patriots in their first game after the Randy Moss trade, came out and played the Ravens to overtime and then they played them to a win.  While Randy Moss was going 5 for 55 in Minnesota, the Patriots returning Deion Branch was going 9 for 98 and a TD.  It had the Pats fans asking Moss, Moss who when it was all over.

Mistake Made

Brett Favre
I have liked Randy Moss ever since he came to the Patriots.  I am a Pats fan after all.  I think the Pats made him better and he made the Pats better.  But I think his move to the Vikings is a big mistake, not for the Pats, but for Moss.

I know there is a lot more to the story in New England than we, the fans, will ever know.  I do believe Moss wanted out and that was the catalyst that started everything else.  But there’s a lot more to it than that.  The Patriots run a tight ship though and the odds of the whole story coming out in my lifetime are slim and none.  That being said, Moss got what he wanted, but it’s not going to work out the way he had hoped.

Head vs Heart

I have enjoyed every single minute Randy Moss has been with the Patriots.  Because of his play contribution, my team has won Super Bowls.  He and Tom Brady have been a joy to watch work together.  When I got the text that he might be leaving the team, I almost couldn’t breathe.  My heart was overplaying my head.

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight
The Patriots went into Miami needing to win in the worst way.  They had started out great vs the Bengals, gotten beat by the Jets, and gave up 30 points in a win to the Bills.  The Dolphins were playing well and there were serious questions about the Pats defense. Most of the “game pickers” had taken Miami to win and when the game started it looked like they would.

Under The Hoodie

I’ve been a Patriots fan for many years.  I like winners.  For the past few years, the Pats have been on top of the AFC East division and have won enough Super Bowls to almost fill up a hand with rings.  They still have one of the best offenses in all of football no matter what the haters say.  But even I am not so blinded by my team loyalty that I can’t see the truth.  The Patriots defense is about one step above abysmal.  The hoodie better get on that and quick.

Hype On That

Mark Sanchez  #6  QB
When a person starts to believe their own hype too much the fall that follows when the truth shows up can be a big one.  The Jets have become victims of their own hype and even after the humiliating performance vs the Ravens, they continue to try and live up to the hype.  Some people take more than one knock upside the head to get straight.

Shake Your Money Maker

The Forbes list on NFL teams has come out and on it are a few surprises.  At least surprises to me.  A team I would not have seen in the top 5 is there and there are the usual suspects of course.

Topping the list is the Dallas Cowboys are worth 1.8 billion dollar.  That’s more than any other sports team in the WORLD except for Man U, which is worth 1.84 billion.  The Cowboys moved into their new home and sold out every regular season home game with the highest average ticket price at 160 bucks a pop.  The team’s overall operating income last year 143 million dollars, a record for an American sports franchise.