Wicked Good

The Patriots put on a display against the Dolphins on Monday Night Football that was nothing short of wicked good.  For all the weird games in week 1 of the 2011 NFL season, this one was what it was supposed to be, and then some.

The Patriots haven’t exactly beaten the Dolphins down every meeting.  Not like other teams in their division.  These two teams always play it tough.  It’s not a cakewalk.  Even though it looked like it Monday night, it was still not completely easy for the Patriots.  The numbers just make it seem that way, some of the numbers anyway.

Good Bets

After the NFL preseason, there are some teams that you can probably say are good bets going forward into week 1 of the NFL season.  While the starters didn’t see a great deal of time in the preseason, there was enough to see who has the upper hand in the NFL going forward.  Here are my top 5 NFL teams to start the season (in no particular order):

One Thing That Is True

After the 2nd week of NFL preseason games start last night, there is one thing that is true.  The Steelers and Patriots are very good teams.  That is a fact and so far in this short NFL preseason, they may be the two strongest teams coming out of the block.

Ocho and Hoho

I have waited a little bit since the Patriots picked up their much talked about roster additions before I wrote anything.  I wanted to see how it all worked out or appeared to be working out before I condemned it out of hand.  I follow all the NFL teams of course as a sports writer, but my favorite teams are the Patriots, Falcons and Lions, yes I said the Lions.  And in that order.

Reform School

So, I wake up this morning to what I thought was the first sign of the Apocalypse and no I don’t mean the never ending congressional budget debate.  I mean, the Patriots seemingly taking Albert Haynesworth in trade for a 5th round pick or something thereabouts.

At first I thought, stop the madness.  Who in their right mind would take Haynesworth to play on their football team?  Who in their right mind would take Haynesworth to be anything?  The man last year for the Redskins was ineffective, sullen, overweight, out of shape and a whiner.  Why would anyone want that kind of player on their team and in their clubhouse?  Especially a team like the Patriots.

Snatch and Grab

The NFL draft was pretty much as advertised.  Most of the big mock drafts had most of the first round picks right with a few exceptions.  There were some moments of trading up and moving down, but overall it was status quo.  Two teams however came out with a snatch and a grab.

Playoff Picks Time

FalconsAnyone who reads my work here knows that so far in the NFL Playoffs I am a scorching, unbelievable, amazing ZERO FOR FOUR!  How can I not continue on this path of utter humilation?! So onward we go with this weekend’s picks!

Talk Is Cheap

JetsThe Jets continue to talk, talk, talk in the lead up to the game versus the Patriots this weekend.  Their coach talks.  Their players talk.  But they did this the last time the two teams met and the outcome on the field did not benefit the Jets.  I don’t think it’s going to help them this time either.

In The Dance

NFL LogoSeveral spots for the NFL playoffs have yet to be decided as I write this blog, but some spots are already secured.  Several teams have already gotten their tickets and are in the dance leading up to the big show.

All Show And No Stay

Mark Sanchez  #6  QBThe New York Jets remind me of the old saying, all show and no stay.  For those unfamiliar, it means something akin to all talk and no action.  The Jets are masters of the media hype machine.  It’s the practical matters where they continue to struggle.