Church’s Money On The Ground

I heard Deion Sanders say this phrase last season on NFL Network.  You cannot win football games if you put the church’s money on the ground.  Apparently, Green Bay didn’t listen.

The Packers repeatedly put the ball on the ground.  They put it on the ground with fumbles.  They put it on the ground with dropped ball after dropped ball.  The ball was on the ground more than it was in the air on the Green Bay side of the ball.  A team that commits that many mistakes and has that many turnovers will not win a football game, just ask the Saints.

Power Football

In the Packers/Giants game, the story is power football.  Only for these two teams it’s for very different reasons.

The Packers power comes out of the hand of Aaron Rogers.  His ability to manage a game from the three step drop is just about unparalleled in the NFL.  His release is lightning quick.  His ability to read the defense and make adjustments on the run is second to none.  Power football for the Packers comes on the offense and for most teams they play it is almost impossible to overcome.

Defense Wins Championships

Most NFL fans have heard this phrase on more than one occasion and generally it holds true.  However, this year I’m thinking not so much.

The teams with the best records this year in the NFL have abysmal defenses.  In fact, the top 2 teams, the Patriots and Packers, have THE worst defenses in the entire league.  It doesn’t seem to matter.  No matter what teams they play, as long as the offense puts up enough points, the defense can give up almost as many and the teams still win.

Sit ‘Em, Start ‘Em

This weekend will bring a lot of decisions for the teams heading into the post season.  Teams with nothing to gain by winning will be faced with deciding how much time if any their starters will see on the field.

It happens every year at this time.  Teams that are solidly in the post season and especially those who have won their divisions have to decide how much time to let their starters spend on the field in a meaningless end of season game.  Teams like the Patriots, Packers, Texans, 49ers among others all face this dilemma this weekend.

NFC Playoff Picture

The NFC playoff picture is a bit more complete.  There aren’t quite as many spots left to be filled and not as many scenarios to play out as in the AFC, but you still might need to print it out for this weekend’s games.

The teams that are locked in so far are the Packers with the NFC North and home-field advantage, the 49ers with the NFC West, the Saints with the NFC South, the Lions with a playoff spot and the Falcons with a playoff spot.

Still up for grabs, the 49ers clinch a first-round bye with a 49ers win OR a 49ers tie plus a Saints loss or tie OR a Saints loss to the Panthers.

There’s No Place Like Home

The Packers are now among the teams saying this phrase headed to the playoffs.  There’s no place like home and for the Packers it is once again true for the playoffs.

The Packers dismantled the hapless Bears last night to the tune of 35-21 and 5 Aaron Rogers TD passes.  In doing so, they clinched the #1 seed in the NFC and assured themselves home field advantage throughout their playoff run.  So, for the other NFC teams, all roads will go through Lambeau Field and that suits the Packers just fine.

Thanks For Giving

This Thanksgiving the NFL has a much anticipated game on tap.  The undefeated Green Bay Packers face off against the unpredictable Detroit Lions.  Definitely something to be thankful for.

The Packers are going to try to continue their march to perfection.  They have made it through thus far mostly unscathed.  They have had a few close games, but always pulled it out in the end.  Even last week’s game versus the Bucs where the Packers and Aaron Rogers both played a little “off” still resulted in a win for the Pack.

Four and 0

Four is the number of the weekend for the NFL.  It is the 4th week of the regular season and there are 3 teams who could possibly end the weekend at 4-0.  In fact, it’s more likely than not.

The Real Problem

So last night opened the NFL season and two of the “top” teams faced off in what everyone was saying would be one of THE games of the year.  Well, it was an offensive showcase & the two QBs were throwing the ball around at warp speed but there was a problem and a very real one.

The score was 42-34.  That’s plenty of offense for sure.  But it’s very little of something else – defense.  Were both sides defense unable to make tackles at all?  Was the downfield coverage on both sides of the ball that bad?  Must have been.  There’s no other reason why there would be a total of 76 points scored and almost 900 total yards on the game.  The defense on both sides obviously didn’t show up.

Dumb Things Overheard

As I was listening to the morning sports shows, I heard a lot of dumb things being thrown about.  I wondered if perhaps some of these people were just saying these things to “stir the pot” or did they actually mean it.  Either way, this morning was a banner day for dumb things overheard.