Cleveland Browns Sign Kareem Hunt

At a time when the Bears seemed to be flirting with the possibility of adding running back Kareem Hunt, another team has beaten them to it.

The Cleveland Browns have announced that Hunt has been signed to a contract.

Drafted by the Chiefs when John Dorsey served as the team’s G.M., the man who has served as Browns G.M. for the last year now brings Hunt to Cleveland.

The Top Three Hidden Gems of Free Agency

Almost three weeks after the 2012 NFL League Year began; there are still some worthwhile free agents available. While a lot of the big names sign monster deals within the first few days, a lot of the “Hidden Gems” of the free agency pool patiently wait to get their number called. While most of the media begins to circulate towards the draft, there are still some great players available that can take a team to the next level.

Buffalo Bills D-Line Is Something To Be Reckoned With

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills continued the “offseason of signings” and came to terms with another free agent, Mark Anderson, a defensive end, most recently with the Patriots.  This is just another move that is proving that Buddy Nix and the Bills weren’t kidding when they said they desperately wanted and needed to improve their pass rush.  The Bills ranked 27th in the league in sacks with only 29, first place was the Vikings with 50.  The team needed to improve this stat, because as most experts think, the quarterback is the number one priority and a close second is the ability to get to the quarterback.

Free for all in Free Agency…Not so much for the Vikings-Here’s why!

In the past few years going back even before Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings have been active when going after who they want. These days the approach is quite different. Right away, fans wonder why the relaxed tone and not aggressive moves. Then you see the mind boggling contracts that occur in the first few hours of free agency. The Vikings have many needs….MANY NEEDS. We wonder why little or no movement to improve this team. I wonder myself to some degree. However I do understand the rationale. Here I will break down a few reasons for the approach they are taking in Rick Spielman’s vision with the future of the purple and gold.

A Different Off-season Approach for the Bills…

Today at 4:00pm the free agency fiasco begins.

This year’s anticipation for the start of free agency seems to be a little higher than in recent years with players like Peyton Manning, Mario Williams, and Vincent Jackson topping the list.

Early today on Buffalo Sports Radio WGR550, CEO Russ Brandon, GM Buddy Nix, and Head Coach Chan Gailey all appeared as guests on the stations broadcast of their free agency day special.

At least for me, as a longtime Bills fan, I walked away after listening to all of the them answer many questions, with a new found outlook as to how the Bills will approach this years off-season.

Flying Under The Radar

There is breaking news every few minutes during this ultra short free agency period in the NFL.  Teams are popping up on Twitter and in news articles every minute of the hour it seems.  Every team that is except maybe the Falcons who continue to conduct their free agency business quietly and methodically flying under the radar.

That’s not to say that they haven’t made some significant moves.  Because they  have.  In fact, some are extremely significant, but they aren’t blasting them out to Twitter or having someone write about every single one like it’s world peace.  No, they keep doing their business preparing for their one and only goal this year – a Super Bowl.

Movers & Shakers

Another day of NFL free agency and another day of players moving and shaking.  Some big moves and some not so big and some players decided to stay put.  The NFL free agency that is a sports agent’s nightmare continues.

The Seahawks signed former Vikings WR Sidney Rice as well as the Vikings backup QB Tavaris Jackson.

The Cardinals won the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes getting him for CB Rogers-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick.

Albert Haynesworth is traded to the Patriots to begin reform school.

Jason Babin agreed to terms with the Eagles.

Who’s Got Next

The NFL free agency period that has been reduced to days and in some cases hours is in full swing.  Players going here.  Players going there.  Players going everywhere.  It’s definitely difficult to keep up but here’s a few of the deals that are DONE, not rumored to be done.

Matt Hasselbeck is out of Seattle and will now call plays in Tennessee for the Titans to the tune of $21 million over 3 years.

The Jets have kept Santonio Holmes in their hard knocks fold to the sweet tune of $50 million over 5 years.  The Panthers were able to hold on to their premiere running back DeAngelo Williams and defensive end Charles Johnson.

Ready, Set…..

Almost go.  The players are still going over the contract this weekend and as of this moment, to the best of my knowledge, there is no vote scheduled.  There have been a lot of conflicting and erroneous reports coming out of the players side and the media side of things, but as of right now, there is no vote scheduled on the players side.

That said, there is a schedule in place for whenever this all gets said and done, signed and sealed.  The schedule would pretty much remain the same.  The only question is on what date it gets started.  The schedule looks something like this: