Musings on Bounty-Gate, Perspective from a Month In

To sum it up for readers who either live in a football-less cave or have a life outside of sports news (what kind of life this must be, I can’t imagine), the New Orleans Saints, one of the 32 teams in the National Football League, have been penalized by the league for setting “bounties” on players of other teams.   Bounty being defined as targeting an opposing team’s player with the intent to injure AND accepting non-contract reward money from other players and coaches for it.

Tiki Barber: Out Of Retirement

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber has filed papers to come out of retirement and play again in the NFL.

Barber, who will turn 36 in April, has not played in the NFL since 2006.  He played his entire 10 year NFL career with the Giants.  Since his retirement, he has been a correspondent with The Today Show and Sunday Night Football on NBC, but his contract was not renewed.  Barber had two years left on his Giants contract when he retired, but he will not be making his NFL comeback with that team.

Burress = Giants Savior?

Some players on the New York Giants football team believe that getting Plaxico Burress back is the answer to the Giants prayers.  I am sure there are others who do not feel the same way.  Burress will be released from prison on June 6th and he and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, want him to get back into the NFL.

Burress Hopes To Play Again

Former New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress will be released from prison on June 6th after serving time for gun possession.  Burress was charged with a gun crimes violation after accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub.

It will be interesting to see if Burress is given a second chance after serving his time as Michael Vick was.  There is no word on any team that might be interested in him, but mega sports agent Drew Rosenhaus has said that he thinks several teams will be interested in signing Burress after his release.  According to Rosenhaus, Burress is in great shape lifting weights and working out 5 days a week while in prison.  Rosenhaus also said that Burress is looking forward to returning to the NFL.

Brandon Jacobs Fined… Again

The New York Giants’ Brandon Jacobs is having a banner year. He’s just been fined for the second time this year for “inappropriate conduct” that was directed to the beloved Giants fans.

Jacobs was making “obscene gestures” and shouting naughty things at fans. The Giants ended up losing that game, maybe because their players are distracted with shouting at fans rather than concentrating on the game. Just a thought.

Jacobs also got a $10,000 fine earlier in the season when he threw his helmet in the stands. He’s what you would call a very colorful player.

Of Boys and Men

2010 Dallas Cowboys Schedule
The Dallas Cowboys played the New York Giants G-Men on Monday night and while the outcome was what I expected, the reasons were totally different.  Life changes at warp speed sometimes, and in sports it is most especially true.

The Cowboys had actually tried to make a game of it before halftime.  They even led the game for a minute.  And then, the Cowboys world was changed in seconds.  Tony Romo was taken to the ground and landed on his left, non-throwing shoulder and it fractured his clavicle.  That took an already shaky emotional team without a real leader and left them without a quarterback.  The outcome was then inevitable.  Dallas ended the night with a 1-5 record.

Smells Like Desperation

tiki intro 2
Are the Giants seriously considering taking on whiner Matt Leinart?  The rumors would make it seem so.  That would make the Giants very, very desperate in my book.

Sure the Giants need a back up QB with Sorgi on IR, but Leinart?  A known whiner and under performer?  What good could come of this?  Nothing that’s what.  The guy who thinks he should be a starter right now relegated to being a back up for Eli Manning who barring another head gash will be starting every single Giants game this season with Leinart on the bench – yea that will go over well.  You think Leinart is whining now, can you imagine how much he will whine if this deal happens?

Watch Out for the Meadowlands Turf!

Players usually like to brag about their home turf, but New York Giant players Antrel Rolle and Steve Smith have nothing great to say about the new Meadowlands Stadium. In fact, the turf might have just ended the season for their teammate Domenik Hixon, who plays at the wide receiver spot.

Hixon went down with a knee injury (a torn ACL to be exact) during the very first practice of the season on the new turf. Which sucks, totally. Getting hurt in preseason is one thing, but getting hurt in the pre-pre-pre season is the worst.