Fast and Furious

Finally, the NFL lockout is over.  Well the CBA has been approved anyway.  There’s still the union ratification and other details to work out, but for all intents and purposes the lockout is over.  Now the real work begins.

Free agency will descend upon the NFL like the wrath of God and teams will be forced to complete signings, trades, and salary cap obligations in a matter of days.  Restricted free agents could begin to be signed by their holding teams as early as later today.  Unrestricted free agents can start talking to teams today.  Undrafted players and rookies are all up for grabs.

Ten Days….Maybe

So, the latest lockout news has sports media outlets everywhere pushing optimism or about as optimistic as things have gotten during the NFL lockout.  The latest news has a POSSIBILITY of a deal being reached by MAYBE July 21.

Why July 21?  The next date on the calendar for scheduled mediation between the league and the players is July 19.  The owners will meet 2 days later in Atlanta at a scheduled meeting where some news outlets are reporting that a deal will be ratified by the owners on that day.  This is all speculation mind you.  Yes, it’s very optimistic speculation, but it is still speculation nonetheless and will continue to be so until a deal is in place and BOTH sides have signed off on it.