Rivalry Weekend

Another big rivalry weekend is upon us and there are some great matchups on tap for Saturday football.

Georgia gets a preview of the big game in the Georgia Dome coming in the SEC Championship when they go to the Dome to play Georgia Tech.  The longstanding rivalry matches the #13 ranked Bulldogs against the #23 ranked Yellow Jackets.  Families all across Georgia will be split between the two watching the game.  Georgia has an opportunity to get a win and carry that momentum into next week’s showdown in the dome most likely against LSU.

Dawgs vs ?

The Georgia Bulldogs punched their ticket with a win over Kentucky on Saturday to the SEC Championship.  Now they just have to wait a week to see who they will play in the Georgia Dome.

Right now, that team would be LSU, but a huge game is looming and it could change what SEC West team gets a trip to the Dome.  LSU will face off with Arkansas in the last game of their seasons and the outcome will determine who goes to the Championship game.

Dawgs Day

The Georgia Bulldogs have the SEC Championship game in their sights.  The only thing standing between them and a chance at a season to remember is Kentucky.

The Bulldogs face off with the Kentucky Wildcats today in a game that if Georgia wins they will be able to play in the SEC Championship game.  It’s that simple and that huge.  Georgia is on an 8 game winning streak.  Georgia is 8-2 overall and 6-1 in the SEC.  If they make it to the SEC Championship game it will be the 4th time they have done so in head coach Mark Richt’s 11 year tenure.  One that was looking quite shaky after an 0-2 start to the season.

The Only Hope

The Georgia Bulldogs are in trouble.  After 1 game of the 2011 season, it is obvious that the Bulldogs have picked up right where they left off last season and that is a very bad thing.

The defense still hasn’t matured and still appears to be quite prone to injury.  The offense, well, it’s like a dog that’s been given way too much chocolate.  It’s a mess.  Mark Richt’s backside must be flaming hot about now as he is THISCLOSE to being run out of town on a rail, something that should have happened last year.  I am also quite certain that stuffed dolls of Mike Bobo are being stabbed endlessly with voodoo pins about now as well.  It’s just not good if you’re a Georgia fan.

And That Happened

Weekend number 1 of the college football 2011 season is in the books and that happened.  That being my obvious mistake in thinking Georgia could win among other things.  If college football is anything, it is unpredictable in a lot of cases.  At the very least, it reminds me that being wrong is just a part of life.

Overall, in my college pick ’em game on ESPN I did fairly well.  There were just a couple of games where I got it wrong.  Georgia being the most obvious.  I went with the “what had happened before” instead of looking at where Georgia is now.  I let my optimism and favoritism overshadow my knowledge.  In picking games, I should have remembered that going with your heart is almost always the wrong thing to do.

Upset Alert

On the big day for 2011 college football, the day where most teams open their season, one game stands out as a possible upset alert.  That game is Boise State vs Georgia.

In the (completely irrelevant preseason polls) Boise State is 5th in the AP and about that spot in most other polls.  Georgia is 19th in the AP and around that in most others.  Georgia is under enormous pressure as is their head coach Mark Richt coming off their first losing season in 2010 since 1996.  Boise State is without 3 of their players including one of QB Kellen Moore’s favorite targets while the NCAA reviews their eligibility (all three are from the Netherlands).  Georgia has a lot to prove as does their QB Aaron Murray, who despite a great redshirt freshman year last year, was overshadowed by the Bulldogs losing record.

And So It Begins

I have decided that I am going to pretend that I know nothing of the truth of college football.  Nothing of the money, the rules breaking, the corruption.  Just pretend none of it exists.  That’s the only way I can enjoy the college football season this year.  Just pretend that there is nothing outside of the game on the field.

That said, I am very excited about watching several teams this year and cannot wait for opening Saturday, tomorrow.  The preseason polls are out, but I don’t acknowledge their existence either.  They are ridiculous and based on things yet to be proven or relying on things from last season that may or may not be duplicated.  There is no way Auburn should be an anyone’s top 25 teams but they are.  So, preseason polls are useless and nonexistent.

Happy Now

All year I have been subjected to those who believe Boise State is a team in the same league as SEC, Big 10, and other big conference teams just because of their win/loss record.  All year I have heard how Boise State is not allowed to play teams from “bigger” schools because none of them will schedule games with them.  All year I’ve heard that if they did get one of these games, they would win it.  Now, they all get their wish, happy now?

And So It Begins

College football is underway and while most every game this entire weekend was a cupcake matchup – there were a couple that were not and there were some cupcake games that showed a lot despite the scores.  There were a lot of big scores and a lot of big lessons.

Georgia – Wait just a minute, weren’t they supposed to be not so good this year with a brand new QB and a weakened defense?  Not even close.  Aaron Murray Georgia’s brand new QB is a player.  He’s a gamer.  He’s the kind of guy that makes things happen on the field.  Sure, he takes risks, but he will learn about those.  But he is mobile, fast, quick thinking, and controls the game.  He was outstanding.  And wait, there’s more.  Georgia’s defense was outstanding.  Under Todd Grantham, the Georgia defense was quick, hard hitting, and quite a surprise.