12-Team 2-Round Fantasy Football Mock Draft

It’s hard to believe it, but its football time again! And to bosses dismay all over the world, the number one time waster at work is back and as strong as ever. That’s right folks, Fantasy Football 2012 is here!

Now for some of think you have your draft board set and figure you have your strategy all figured out to win your league championship. The reality of it is, there is no way to predict what is going to happen during the course of the season, but it doesn’t hurt to take a stab at ranking the top 24 players does it?

Fantasy Quick Hits

I am playing in 3 Fantasy Football leagues this year.  I usually only play 2 on ESPN but this year added 1 on NFL.com to play with my youngest son.  So far, I’m winning all 3 leagues, which is a good start.  Some fantasy players had good starts as well while others not so much.  Here’s a quick look at some fantasy hits and misses after week 1.

Who’s the Best 2010 Fantasy Football QB?

Drew Brees, Jan. 7th, 20101)     Drew Brees: Last year’s best fantasy QB will look to torch the NFC South once again.  The schedule will be tougher due to winning the division last year, but with an arsenal of receivers Brees is the man to pick once again this year. 

2)      Peyton Manning: Consistently the best fantasy QB year after year, Manning got it done last season with an unknown rookie WR and a French-named WR.  Expect an even more impressive year with Gonzalez back in the lineup and Clark as the best TE in the game.