Falcons At 55

One of the things that comes with being a really good team the previous season is that some of the time you don’t get a lot of high draft picks.  If you add a trade up from last year that cost picks as well, you end up with the Falcons at 55.


The Atlanta Falcons are in complete restructuring mode after 2 straight seasons of making the 1st round of the playoffs and advancing no further.

They are now without an offensive or defensive coordinator.  In my opinion, neither is a bad thing.  The team needed to replace both of these positions and the openings in the NFL and college helped them be able to do just that…without having to make the decision themselves to fire someone.  Both of the men in these positions moved on to other jobs and now the Falcons are free to start restructuring and rebuilding and not a moment too soon….in fact probably a season too late, but better late than never.

NFC Playoff Picture

The NFC playoff picture is a bit more complete.  There aren’t quite as many spots left to be filled and not as many scenarios to play out as in the AFC, but you still might need to print it out for this weekend’s games.

The teams that are locked in so far are the Packers with the NFC North and home-field advantage, the 49ers with the NFC West, the Saints with the NFC South, the Lions with a playoff spot and the Falcons with a playoff spot.

Still up for grabs, the 49ers clinch a first-round bye with a 49ers win OR a 49ers tie plus a Saints loss or tie OR a Saints loss to the Panthers.

You Win and We’re In

So the Falcon’s playoff fate wasn’t controlled by them after all.  It was in fact controlled by the Eagles and the Packers of all teams.  Thanks to those wins the Falcons are now in the playoffs.

The Falcons are now in the playoffs and now have 4 straight winning seasons, something they have never done before.  They get to continue on after the regular season thanks to wins by the Eagles and the Packers.  Of all the teams to get the Falcons into the playoffs, it is the team that eliminated them last year.

Controlling Fate

Several teams in the NFL control their own fate coming down to the last 2 games of the regular season.  Their goal now is just to win the last 2 games and then let the post season chips fall where they may.

The Falcons, Lions, Broncos, Raiders, Giants and Cowboys are all in control of their own fates.  Some of these teams have an easier road than others, but all have only one place they need to go, the win column.

Worse Than I Thought

I really thought that this would be the Falcons year.  Last year, they played well.  They made it to the post season.  They looked for all the world like they would be ready to go back there again this year.  As the season goes on though I have less and less faith that will happen.

Good Bets

After the NFL preseason, there are some teams that you can probably say are good bets going forward into week 1 of the NFL season.  While the starters didn’t see a great deal of time in the preseason, there was enough to see who has the upper hand in the NFL going forward.  Here are my top 5 NFL teams to start the season (in no particular order):

Just Say No

I recently read a blog that I’m still not sure was speculation or rumor or a bit of both in the Atlanta Journal/Constitution that said the Falcons were considering bringing in Chad Ochocinco if he is a free agent once the CBA is resolved.  Just say no Arthur Blank just say no.

Snatch and Grab

The NFL draft was pretty much as advertised.  Most of the big mock drafts had most of the first round picks right with a few exceptions.  There were some moments of trading up and moving down, but overall it was status quo.  Two teams however came out with a snatch and a grab.

Playoff Picks Time

FalconsAnyone who reads my work here knows that so far in the NFL Playoffs I am a scorching, unbelievable, amazing ZERO FOR FOUR!  How can I not continue on this path of utter humilation?! So onward we go with this weekend’s picks!