2109 NFL Draft: What Each Team Needs

With a new champion crowned, the board is set … for now. We can expect trades will change the order, free agency will fill/create needs and other surprises will alter the overall outlook for the 2019 NFL Draft. However, with 80 days to go until teams are officially on the clock, here’s how things shake out from Pick 1 to 32, along with a snapshot of the positions each club needs to address this offseason.

PICK 1: Cardinals
Record: 3-13
Biggest needs: OL, DL, CB

To Be The Best, You Must Beat The Best

Brady, Ryan, Flacco, Kaepernick.  Those are the four remaining quarterbacks left in the NFL Playoffs.  And in the AFC, Joe Flacco is showing that he could be a step away from being an elite quarterback in the NFL.  Last year, Flacco’s line in the AFC Championship game was 22 of 36 for 306 yards, two touchdowns, and only one interception.  Tom Brady has already demonstrated time and time again that he has outstanding acumen for a quarterback.  Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons exuded incredible poise against the Seattle Seahawks today winning their first postseason game.  Kaepernick is an exciting, yet raw, quarterback that is exceeding expectations and breaking a record set by Michael Vick against the Rams back in 2004 (Vick had only eight carries for 119 yards).  And then there’s Nick Foles.  Eagles fans, and whichever coach is going to interview for this head coaching job, want to know if Nick Foles has done enough this season to go into the next as the clear cut starting quarterback.  Considering the overall lack of talent at the quarterback position in this years draft class, the Eagles might want to consider doing what the 49ers did in 2010 and go after one of the coveted offensive linemen.  The 49ers scored Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, and Navarro Bowman.  Imagine if Taylor Mays had been half the NFL player he was at USC, because he was also drafted in that same year by the team.

What Can Brown Do For You?

Logistics. For some time now UPS has bombarded consumers and businesses with this simplified explanation of what they describe as, “an extensive portfolio of solutions.” For certain individuals life does not provide us with simplicity nor with solutions. For Bryce Brown, courtesy of the 229th selection in the 2012 NFL draft, the most simplistic solution was presented to him: Any and all strife’s in your career can be erased by utilizing your natural talent and abilities. And now on the eve of the first game of the pre-season, many Eagles fans are asking the question, “What can Brown do for us?”

Drama, Thy Name Is The Philadelphia Eagles

In an attempt to avoid breaking their streak of consecutive training camps plagued with drama or controversy, the Eagles have taken the extraordinary step of dismissing their long time team president, Joe Banner.

The organization’s company line, always delivered with the seamlessness of the 1970’s Politburo, is that Banner left of his own accord and will be seeking opportunities elsewhere. The ever suspicious and inquisitive fan base feels otherwise and is quite sure that head coach Andy Reid has successfully dispatched another challenger to his throne.

Meet Jason Babin, Renaissance Selfish Man

From the outside looking in, on and off of the field, Jason Babin is a selfish person. As one of the Philadelphia Eagle’s major 2011 free agent off-season acquisitions, Babin got paid and delivered sack numbers that seem to justify the investment. The season concluded in failure, which has made this 2012 campaign do or die for the head coach and his fledgling defensive coordinator. Despite the urgency, it is becoming apparent to the fans that Jason Babin is a person who does not put his team first.

Only Three

By my take, there are only 3 games on tomorrow’s NFL schedule that are toss ups in the who’s going to win category.  The rest of the matchups look pretty cut and dried on who to pick, but that could be totally off the mark given this NFL season so far.

Big Picture

Looking at the big picture, some NFL teams are making moves to ensure that they have enormous flexibility at QB this upcoming season.  One in particular, is the Eagles.

The Eagles will have Michael Vick as their number one and if all goes as planned, Vince Young as their number 2.  If and it’s a big IF, but let’s say the Eagles get Favre as their 3rd QB.  Most of you are probably saying, what will that do?  Well under the newly minted CBA for the NFL the 3rd QB is not INACTIVE any longer.  A team can have all 3 of their QBs active.  Things just got interesting if this is the Eagles MO.

Second Chances

Michael Vick has been all about redeeming his image both on and off the field since his release from prison.  Apparently, for Nike, he has done both and is now back in the endorsement fold.  The details of the deal were not released but it is a big step on the path of Vick’s transformation.

Kevin Kolb Odd Man Out

Yesterday, there were 5 articles on ESPN about Kevin Kolb.  FIVE!  With links to tons more on the site.  Who wants him, where might he go, what should teams trade for him, and on and on an on.  I realize there is a shortage of NFL stories to write about, but all this on a guy who is almost certainly going nowhere? Seriously people.

Kevin Kolb is the poster child of the not NFL season.  He went last year from being a starter, to being a back up, to being a starter, to being a well compensated bench warmer.  Do not cry for Kolb and his travails.  He was paid well to sit with a $10 million bonus.  He’s not going to need any fundraisers anytime soon.

NFL Playoff Predictions

NFL LogoSince I have such a great record of predictions this year (NOT) I may as well keep it going right??  Let’s pick the NFL playoffs!

Saints vs Seahawks – The Saints will win.  That said, let’s look at the only possible reasons they might not.  If the Saints turn the ball over, they won’t win.  If the Saints, can’t score just by passing the ball, they won’t win.  If the Seahawks, get to Brees, the Saints won’t win.  Those are the only ways the Saints won’t win.