Miami Dolphins Hire Patriots Assistant Brian Flores

New England Patriots defensive playcaller Brian Flores will lead the Miami Dolphins into a new era as their head coach, the team announced Monday.

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, in charge of his first coaching search, sought someone who believed in some of his same methods on how to build a contender.

He decided on Flores, the 37-year-old Patriots de facto defensive coordinator who started his career the same way as Grier — as a New England scout. That Patriots connection likely played a significant role as the Dolphins seek a way to dethrone their longtime rival.

The Manning Derby

The Peyton Manning derby continued into its second week with little sign of a decision being forthcoming.  It’s almost like the hokey pokey, teams get in, teams get out, Manning flies himself all about.

After meeting with the Dolphins, Titans, Cardinals and Broncos early in the derby process, the Broncos forced the hand of two other teams when the Broncos put out exactly how much they were offering or alleged to be offering Peyton for his services. That figure, said to be around 50 million for 5 years, eliminated the Dolphins and Cardinals from contention.  That left the Titans and Broncos.  But wait, there’s more.

Coaxing Cowher

Former coach Bill Cowher is fast becoming a hot commodity in certain NFL circles.  It looked for a while like he wouldn’t be making a return to coaching in the NFL, but now things are not as certain.

It was reported this past week that the Dolphins management had reached out to Cowher’s agent or other people “close to him” to see if he would be interested in coaching the team.  According to Cowher’s camp, he is not interested in even talking to ANY team that doesn’t have an open spot.  He’s not going to talk to a team that has a coach in place.  Cowher has no desire to be seen as a job taker or putting someone out of work.  If a position is already open though, he seems willing to discuss it.

Suck For Luck

A new phrase has entered the NFL terminology and it’s fast becoming a staple on things like Twitter and Facebook.  Suck for Luck.  The phrase describing how underperforming teams might be losing in order to up their chances of being able to draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck number 1 in the 2012 draft.

Like A Box Of Chocolates

This week’s Thursday night game pits the Chicago Bears against the Miami Dolphins.  Both of these teams can win and both of these teams have problems.  Most people would say Miami has more being down to their 3rd string quarterback, but maybe not.  The Bears QB Jay Cutler is like a box of chocolates….you never know what you’re going to get.