Why is Dallas in Tampa?

After learning that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded Kellen Winslow to the Seahawks, the Dallas Clark signing still didn’t make any sense to me. As a Colts fan, I have appreciated Dallas’s contributions to the team over the years. He was a pioneer of the TE position. A Linebacker turned Tight End who couldn’t block a kicker but could outrun any Backer that dared tried to cover him and made Corners play him like Reggie Wayne, he was gold for an aerial team. But for all of his contributions to the Colts franchise and to the TE position in general, this guy should not be in the NFL in 2012.

The Denapolis Broncolts – The Colts of the West

This just in, in light of the recent signing of Peyton Manning, and the courtship of castoff Colts like Jeff Saturday, Jacob Tamme, Brandon Stokley, Joseph Addai, and Dallas Clark, the NFL has decided to rename the Denver Broncos the Denapolis Broncolts to ensure that all of their new players feel right at home! Silly right? Well it seems to be the current trend (at least according to the “expert” media insiders) since about 12:00 PM yesterday when Peyton Manning told Tom Condon to get a deal done in Denver.