Should the Dallas Cowboys draft a Quarterback?

Should the Dallas Cowboys pick a quarterback in this year’s NFL draft? Kirk Morrison and Dave Richard join Ryan Bass to take a closer look.


It’s like a tale from the old west or perhaps even the Bible depending on which side you’re on.  Can the Cowboys win a showdown like one at the OK Corral or will the Giants be victorious although that Bible story didn’t work out too well for the Giants did it?

This is the game of the weekend in the NFL in my opinion.  All of the other games have some form of scenario to decide what the post season will look like for those teams.  Some even have multiple scenarios.  The game between the Cowboys and Giants has only one.  Win.  To get into the playoffs a team must win this game and this game alone.  It’s just that simple and that difficult.

NFC Playoff Picture

The NFC playoff picture is a bit more complete.  There aren’t quite as many spots left to be filled and not as many scenarios to play out as in the AFC, but you still might need to print it out for this weekend’s games.

The teams that are locked in so far are the Packers with the NFC North and home-field advantage, the 49ers with the NFC West, the Saints with the NFC South, the Lions with a playoff spot and the Falcons with a playoff spot.

Still up for grabs, the 49ers clinch a first-round bye with a 49ers win OR a 49ers tie plus a Saints loss or tie OR a Saints loss to the Panthers.

Controlling Fate

Several teams in the NFL control their own fate coming down to the last 2 games of the regular season.  Their goal now is just to win the last 2 games and then let the post season chips fall where they may.

The Falcons, Lions, Broncos, Raiders, Giants and Cowboys are all in control of their own fates.  Some of these teams have an easier road than others, but all have only one place they need to go, the win column.

Big Game Sunday

Big games on tap today in the NFL, some with division implications and some are just big rivalries.

The Cowboys and Giants are on tap for Sunday night football. This game is big for both teams.  A divisional matchup and a chance for the Giants to make up some ground on the Cowboys.  The Giants will have Ahmad Bradshaw back for this game and hope to be able to run the ball against the Cowboys.  Currently in the NFC East the Cowboys are 7-5 and the Giants are 6-6.  The Cowboys have lost 1 and the Giants are on a 4 game losing streak coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Packers.  Definitely a big game.

Only Three

By my take, there are only 3 games on tomorrow’s NFL schedule that are toss ups in the who’s going to win category.  The rest of the matchups look pretty cut and dried on who to pick, but that could be totally off the mark given this NFL season so far.

Really Cowboys?!

The Cowboys are just a mess.  They just cannot seem to get anything together.  I have my own thoughts as the reasons why and I think I’m right for the part.  I also think that unless big changes are made, the Cowboys stay mired in the dregs of the NFL for a good long time.

Garrett’s Not The Answer

The Cowboys issues a lot bigger than Wade Phillips.  Firing him and replacing him with Jason Garrett is not going to cure the Cowboys troubles.  In fact, it just may make some of them worse and here’s why.

Phillips was a long time head coach.  He had experience.  He had knowledge.  He had earned the ability to get respect.  He had been around the corral a few times.  And yet, his players did not respect him.  They didn’t listen.  They did just what they wanted to do…as little as possible.

What If Kitna Wins?

Let’s say Kitna leads the Cowboys to a win against the Jags today.  Let’s say he does it in convincing fashion.  Let’s say he gets the most out of a very talented Cowboys team who has yet to show what they really have under Romo.  What if Kitna wins?  What then?

Must Win

040There are several really good games scheduled today in the NFL, but I think the one that means the most to both teams is the Vikings/Cowboys match up.  In reality, this is a must win game for both teams.  The team that loses is likely done for the season as far as playoffs go.  It’s the pivotal game of their seasons and they both need it, badly.