Teams to Watch This Year

Football season is almost (officially) here (at last), which means that it’s time for yet another prediction or two. This one has to do with the teams who will most likely surprise us all. Now, I know anything can happen on any given Sunday, but there are some teams that have really high expectations. I’m interested in the ones that don’t. Here are my choices for the teams to watch this year.

The Browns Are For Real

That’s it, I’m calling it: the Cleveland Browns are going to be the real deal this year. Mike Holmgren will make his presence felt, and someone will finally begin to understand Eric Mangini’s complicated and weird offense. I’m telling you, this team is going to making waves.

CLE vs SD 4
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Case in point: they are making some big changes to their secondary. The secondary is one of those areas that teams gripe about but even so it still seems to get overlooked. Not the Browns, however! As NBC Sports pointed out, they are have “aggressively” made changes to their secondary, including these recent additions:

I Forgot I Had That Gun in My Bag

Are guns so commonplace in the NFL that when a player has one in his bag or on his person that he actually forgets that it is there? That’s what Cleveland Browns defensive end Robaire Smith is claiming after a “loaded firearm was found in his carry-on luggage at a Michigan airport,” according to Yardbarker.

New Sheriff in Town With the Cleveland Browns

There are some changes happening with the Cleveland Browns this year. First the news that Jim Brown was booted out of management’s inner circle and now news that Jerome Harrison is being shown a lesson of sorts. The Browns have unsigned Harrison after he skipped some OTAs in the offseason. Harrison wants a new contract, and he may get it, but in the meantime rookie running back Montario Hardesty was allowed to run with the offense during media day today.

2009-11-22 12.40.52
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Jim Brown Released from Brown’s Senior Management Team

Should former players have say so with how the current team is being run? That’s the question at hand with the Browns. They just released Jim Brown from their management staff, so now he won’t be part of the “inner circle.”

Jim Brown is a pretty outspoken guy, but is he helping the Browns by being vocal? That’s the issue. There are some teams that honor their great players, which is awesome, and then there are teams that allow former players to affect the current situation. Teams, and football change. So while it’s great to have knowledge of someone that used to play, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to keep them on staff just to advice. If they aren’t genuine coaches, I think they don’t need to be involved.