Eagle versus Browns, halftime report. Maclin Saves Eagles Season!

At halftime of this rather sloppy game, the Philadelphia Eagles are showing signs that they have not learned any lessons from last year’s offensive mistakes. Cleveland is playing very tough and smart football. Dick Jauron is still Dick Jauron when it comes to defense.

The Eagles, however, are making the team from the town known as the mistake by the lake look a little stouter on defense than they deserve. Vick is harried and frenetic with multiple bad throws and delayed decisions. The whole offense besides number seven need to go back to the basics in run blocking as several of Shady McCoys big runs have been negated by holding calls.

Cleveland Browns First Day Grade

Let me say I will be grading each day of the draft for the Browns. It’s time to grade the first round of the draft for the Cleveland Browns and I’ll start off  by saying the first round was full of surprise trades. Although a couple of guys went before they should have, teams moving up and down the draft are fun to watch.

Things are fitting N2 place for Cleveland

Welcome to the New ERA of the Cleveland Browns. The Owner Randy Learner wants to build a winning team. Jan. 5th 2010 Mike Holmgren was named the President of the Cleveland Browns. Jan. 11th 2010 Tom Heckert was named the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. Jan 13th 2011 Pat Shurmur was named head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Jan 21st 2011 Dick Jauron named defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. Jan 27th 2012 Brad Childress is named the new offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns.
All these piece are in place. The staff is set. The front office is set. The Defense with several feature players (Joe Haden, T.J. Ward, Phil Dawson, and more) are young and set for a great run. The final piece to this puzzle is one that has been missing in Cleveland for awhile. An offensive that can score points.
Welcome to the 2012 NFL Draft! Welcome Trent Richardson who will be the next 1000 plus yard rusher and I’m willing to bet this season it happens. Welcome Brandon Weeden the next starting QB for the Cleveland Browns. Last year the Browns Picked up Greg Little in the 2nd round and he has shown signs that he could be a great player. With rounds 2 though 7 left look for a right tackle to be taken as well as at least one more wide receiver.
Hold on tight Cleveland … this is going to be a wild ride … not just the season … but the next two Draft days as well!

NFL Draft Round 1 review Cleveland Browns

First let me say that the first round of the NFL draft and more speed, twist, and turns then an F1 race. With that said I want to focus on what the statement was the the Cleveland Browns made so far.

Cleveland Browns Draft Strategies

The draft is fast approaching and the Cleveland Browns will be on the clock, there a few way they can go. One is they could approve they’re already good Defense or help a terrible Offense that saying was bad is an understatement.

Okay let’s see one Strategy the Defense Strategies first. If his there they could go CB,Morris Claiborne with the 4th pick that would in approve their secondary right away. Then they could go Safety but the best thing would be to wait for your safety so at pick 22# Defenseline man Chandler Jones or Linebacker Courtney Upshaw ether one approves the Defense front 7.

Cleveland Browns … Till The End!

Wow, I can’t do it. I CAN’T DO IT!!! AS A FAN!!! I CAN’T DO IT! If you are a fan of a team … a true fan. Then be one till the end! Be one that is there even when they only make one playoff appearance since they returned. Yes, discuss what is going on with the team. HOWEVER! Don’t, Don’t, Don’t run them into the ground! When you do that you are no better than the fans wearing Black and Gold. You might as well go over there and sit down with them. Take them to the flats after the game, and tell them you can’t cheer on any team in Cleveland!

It’s The Time For Real Football Fans

As no surprise Phil Dawson has been resigned to the Browns. Really, it’s a great move, because you have got to have a kicker you can count on. How many big games have kickers been frozen up by other teams, loud stadiums, weather, and well … you know … their own head coach #Dallas. So it’s great to see we can keep a solid kicker. He’s going on 14 years and I can see Dawson having 3 perhaps even 4 more solid years. Really hope we get to see this guy retire as a Brown.

Free Agents who could have an impact with the Browns

In my last post I said this is THE OFFSEASON for the Cleveland Browns and here is just another reason why. Not just our own free agents but also other team’s free agents. This market is flooded and the Browns have the salary cap space to do some impressive things.

Let’s talk about the New Orleans Saints and the issues surrounding them. Free Agents include Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Robert Meachem, and Carl Nicks among others. It has been said that the Saints and Brees camp currently are way off when it comes to the numbers. This is a great thing for the Cleveland Browns.

Huge Offseason For The Cleveland Browns

Over the next several weeks I will be explaining how this is THE OFFSEASON that will either make or break the Cleveland Browns for the next seven to ten years.

Never has their been such a talented pool of free agents. On top of that after one of the best seasons ever for quarter backs in the NFL the draft holds what seems to be two sure fire can’t miss QB’s. So as I said, this is it … THE OFFSEASON.

Suh Me

Eric Mangini is still not happy about Ndamukong Suh’s treatment of his QB Jake Delhomme in the Lions games vs the Browns.  Suh grabbed Delhomme’s face mask, twisted it, put Delhomme in a headlock and then threw him to the ground.  Suh was penalized on the play and was assessed a 15 yard personal foul penalty, which resulted in a Browns first down.