Jonathan Stewart to the Cincinnati Bengals?

Is the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, Mike Brown, smart enough to make a play for current Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart?

It is rumored that the Panthers are pursuing Michael Tolbert, the 5’9” 245 pound bowling ball of a running back from San Diego in free agency. The Coastal Carolina product would be a nice addition for Carolina, but do they need him? Looking at the Panthers’ current cap situation ($5.3M over) combined with the latest NFL draft trends, getting running backs cheaply, later in the draft, it would appear irresponsible of them to sign Tolbert and retain both DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

Newton’s Offensive Weapons Dwindling

The Panthers spent the number 1 overall draft pick on Auburn QB Cam Newton.  Everyone projected him to go at that spot.  He was given the requisite numbers to push him to number 1 in the combine.  He was not a great pick for the Panthers, but they went with what everyone else was saying and took the bait.

The Panthers have ignored the fact that they don’t have the surrounding team players to enable a less than competent player like Newton a chance to succeed.  They haven’t addressed the other problems they have and now they may be one more player down on the offensive side of the ball.

DeAngelo Williams Is My New Favorite Player

I just posted yesterday about my dislike of the whole holdout situation, and here comes a guy after my own heart. DeAngelo Williams, running back for the Carolina Panthers, has just had two very awesome seasons. He busted through the magic 1,000 yard mark each year, and yet still only makes $2.1 million a year. I say “only” because in football terms that’s low. Although this blogger would love it if she made that much.

Still, rather than get a big head and think that he should get paid more, he’s not holding out, not putting up a stink, he’s…. gasp…. honoring his contract. NFL Sports quotes him saying: