Ravens Trade Joe Flacco To Broncos

Once veteran Joe Flacco lost his starting job to rookie Lamar Jackson last season, it became relatively clear that the quarterback’s 11-year tenure with the Baltimore Ravens was set to come to an end.

Given Flacco’s lack of on-field success since leading Baltimore to the Super Bowl title back in February of 2013, no one really thought the team would get anything for him in a trade. Instead, common logic suggested Flacco and his bloated contract would hit free agency.

The Manning Derby

The Peyton Manning derby continued into its second week with little sign of a decision being forthcoming.  It’s almost like the hokey pokey, teams get in, teams get out, Manning flies himself all about.

After meeting with the Dolphins, Titans, Cardinals and Broncos early in the derby process, the Broncos forced the hand of two other teams when the Broncos put out exactly how much they were offering or alleged to be offering Peyton for his services. That figure, said to be around 50 million for 5 years, eliminated the Dolphins and Cardinals from contention.  That left the Titans and Broncos.  But wait, there’s more.

Manning Mania

If you have read any of my blogs here on Tim Tebow you should know two things.  One, I think Tim Tebow is an outstanding person and two, I think Tim Tebow will never be an NFL quarterback.  I believe John Elway thinks the same things.

I have long said that Elway does not believe Tebow can fix his mechanics.  Like me, I believe Elway thinks that 20 years of mechanics cannot be corrected in any span of time no matter how motivated the person may be.  I believe that Denver is NOT going to play a college style offense in the NFL.  They tried to work with it this season and against some mediocre teams it had a little success. However, against the elite teams in the NFL that kind of play is never, ever going to work.  Elway knows this.

Two Weeks

Tom Brady’s long time QB coach and now Tim Tebow’s new QB coach Tom Martinez stated that he could give Tebow what he calls correct mechanics in two weeks time.

Obviously Martinez doesn’t like for self confidence but he could be setting himself up for failure.  Could he accomplish what he said?  Sure, I guess he could.  Anything is possible.  But the mechanics he is working with from Tebow and what he was working with from Brady are as different as night and day.

Tebow’s Next Path

As I see it, there are 3 options for Tim Tebow’s next path.  The one that gets taken depends on a lot of factors but after yesterday’s game, the paths are clear.

Game Of The Year

No it’s not the Super Bowl.  No it’s not the BCS Championship.  It’s a second round divisional playoff game between the Patriots and the Broncos.

It’s the game of the year of course because of the “hype” surrounding Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  Last week’s overtime playoff game was the highest rated game of it’s kind in 24 years.  Tebow almost broke Twitter after the game causing there to be almost 10,000 Tweets per second….per second people.

Denver’s First Mistake

The Broncos may have committed their first and quite possibly last mistake of the season.

The Broncos and by extension Tim Tebow seem to believe that the Chiefs aren’t considering this weekend’s game as a type of payback scenario.  That’s their first mistake.  Make no mistake, the Chiefs are coming in to this game with 2 intentions.  One is to win the game and prevent Denver from going to the post season and two is to avenge their quarterback, Kyle Orton’s, name and reputation.

AFC Playoff Picture

The AFC playoff picture is partially painted through week 16 but there are still some spots up for grabs under various scenarios.

Already solidified are the AFC East and a 1st round bye with the Patriots.  The AFC South spot is also sorted out with the Houston Texans.  The two wildcard teams right now are the Steelers and Ravens but that could change depending on what happens this weekend.

The Ravens clinch the AFC North division and a first-round bye with a Ravens win OR a Ravens tie and a Steelers loss or tie OR a Steelers loss.  The Ravens clinch home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs with a Ravens win and a Patriots loss at the Bills.

Controlling Fate

Several teams in the NFL control their own fate coming down to the last 2 games of the regular season.  Their goal now is just to win the last 2 games and then let the post season chips fall where they may.

The Falcons, Lions, Broncos, Raiders, Giants and Cowboys are all in control of their own fates.  Some of these teams have an easier road than others, but all have only one place they need to go, the win column.

Big Game Sunday

Big games on tap today in the NFL, some with division implications and some are just big rivalries.

The Cowboys and Giants are on tap for Sunday night football. This game is big for both teams.  A divisional matchup and a chance for the Giants to make up some ground on the Cowboys.  The Giants will have Ahmad Bradshaw back for this game and hope to be able to run the ball against the Cowboys.  Currently in the NFC East the Cowboys are 7-5 and the Giants are 6-6.  The Cowboys have lost 1 and the Giants are on a 4 game losing streak coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Packers.  Definitely a big game.