NFL Draft: The Buffalo Bills

With less than a week away from the 2012 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills will look to add more excitement to an already surprisingly exciting off-season.

The Bills signed highly sought after free agent, defensive end, Mario Williams and also added a solid veteran at defensive end as well, with the signing of Mark Anderson.  The buzz around Buffalo, NY was at a constant high with the signings and until recently the draft was almost a second thought.  Now with the draft approaching, the buzz of excitement is back, as fans all begin to ponder what the Bills will do with their picks.

Horray for the Bills!!

Buffalo Bills LogoWow! Remember how we as fans felt at the beginning of this past season, no hope in the world for the Bills, and then remember how we felt after the 3-0 start, including a victory against the Patriots for the first time in 10 games (5 seasons) and only the 2nd time in the last 17 attempts.

All the things that we were supposed to fail at we were succeeding, the O-line look liked great, Fitz looked like a pro bowl quarterback, Fred Jackson looked like the best back in the game, and although they were giving up a lot of points they were finding ways to win.  It was exciting, nerve racking, and edge of your seat, real hard hitting football, the kind we as fans haven’t seen in years.

Four and 0

Four is the number of the weekend for the NFL.  It is the 4th week of the regular season and there are 3 teams who could possibly end the weekend at 4-0.  In fact, it’s more likely than not.

Bad Bets

Nobody likes losing money or picking the wrong team and NFL football fans especially.  This season there are a few teams that should be avoided at all costs and this is my list of which teams are bad bets for the 2011 season.

Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks haven’t done that well for the past few years and they had a serviceable quarterback in Hasselbeck.  Now they don’t have that QB and are working with Tavaris Jackson (we assume, though it might be Whitehurst at some point) and that’s just not the same thing.  They haven’t looked good in the preseason and it is definitely what I would call a “restart” season.  Lots of people having to learn lots of things and that never translates well on the field against teams that already know everything they need to know.