Indianapolis Colts Week 1 STUDS & DUDS

The new Colts era got off to a great start (assuming you turned your TV off after the first quarter).  Andrew Luck completed his first career pass and the Colt’s new 3-4 Defense scored on an Interception return to take the early 7-0 lead.  From there however, the game was all Bears as they cruised to an easy 41-21 victory.

Big Game Sunday

Big games on tap today in the NFL, some with division implications and some are just big rivalries.

The Cowboys and Giants are on tap for Sunday night football. This game is big for both teams.  A divisional matchup and a chance for the Giants to make up some ground on the Cowboys.  The Giants will have Ahmad Bradshaw back for this game and hope to be able to run the ball against the Cowboys.  Currently in the NFC East the Cowboys are 7-5 and the Giants are 6-6.  The Cowboys have lost 1 and the Giants are on a 4 game losing streak coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Packers.  Definitely a big game.

Not As Good As You Think

A few teams in the NFL this season are getting far more favorable coverage than they probably deserve.  While their records may be better than some other teams and in some cases better than a lot of other teams, it doesn’t really mean they are that great of a team.  Most have a lot of issues they need to work on and some may not end up anywhere near the post season.  Yes, these teams records are their records but this is not about wins and losses, this is about cores.  Are these really good teams or are their inflated records clouding the issue.

Hall of Fame Game

There are conflicting, albeit secondhand reports, that the Hall of Fame game scheduled on August 7 between the Bears and Rams will not be played due to the lockout situation.  Even if the lockout is ended some sources say the game will not be played.

The NFL is denying this.  The Bears are denying this.  However, if you pay a visit to the NFL official site and click on Preseason Schedules, you get nothing.  No games show up.  That pretty much tells you that the preseason game situation has not been resolved.

NFL Championships Thoughts

NFLI have had the flu for the past few days and have spent much of that time in bed sick.  I did drag myself out of bed for part of the championship games on Sunday but from what little I saw, I missed little.  The Packers and the Steelers won but neither team played to their potential while the Jets and Bears played exactly to their potential.

Who To Cheer For

Steelers Logo
Well, all of my teams are now out of the playoffs.  After having absolutely outstanding seasons, two of the best in the NFL, the Falcons and Patriots are both eliminated on their first game of the playoffs.  It was beyond disappointing to say the least.  Now, I am left with 4 teams in the championship round and none of them are teams I want to cheer for.

Playoff Picks Time

FalconsAnyone who reads my work here knows that so far in the NFL Playoffs I am a scorching, unbelievable, amazing ZERO FOR FOUR!  How can I not continue on this path of utter humilation?! So onward we go with this weekend’s picks!

Nothing Left To Lose

It’s an old sports adage that played itself out last night in the Eagles/Vikings game.  A team with nothing left to lose is a team you need to be afraid of.  The Eagles definitely were not scared enough and now they are the 3 seed for the playoffs and no home field advantage.

Not For Long

I’ve decided to rename the NFL the Not For Long league because there are some teams and players that are not long for this season.  Some that should have been done a while back and some that are definitely done now.

Vikings – Brett Favre, Brad Childress, and the entire Vikings team – not for long.  Favre is losing games for the Vikings and has been all season with his poor throws and never ending drama.  Childress has no control over a team that conceded all control to Favre.  The Vikings because the ownership will not bench Favre or fito Childress this season.  And this season is OVER for the Vikings – it was over a month ago.

Like A Box Of Chocolates

This week’s Thursday night game pits the Chicago Bears against the Miami Dolphins.  Both of these teams can win and both of these teams have problems.  Most people would say Miami has more being down to their 3rd string quarterback, but maybe not.  The Bears QB Jay Cutler is like a box of chocolates….you never know what you’re going to get.