Ravens Trade Joe Flacco To Broncos

Once veteran Joe Flacco lost his starting job to rookie Lamar Jackson last season, it became relatively clear that the quarterback’s 11-year tenure with the Baltimore Ravens was set to come to an end.

Given Flacco’s lack of on-field success since leading Baltimore to the Super Bowl title back in February of 2013, no one really thought the team would get anything for him in a trade. Instead, common logic suggested Flacco and his bloated contract would hit free agency.

Kordell Stewart Retires A Steeler

This is a nice story for a guy that really could do nothing right as a Quarterback in a Pittsburgh Steelers Uniform.  A couple of recent players have come back to retire as a Steeler, but this one seemed a bit out of the blue for a guy that has not taken a Snap in 7 years or so.  That said, there has been no other player in Pittsburgh Steelers History to excite the masses as he did, and of course, ignite the masses also.

I’m #1

Joe Flacco has either got steel stones or he’s deranged.  I am not sure which it is.  Once again, Flacco claims he is the best quarterback in the NFL.  Seriously Joe?

Flacco has said in the past few months that he is an elite quarterback.  That he is a top 5 quarterback.  Now, he’s the BEST quarterback in the entire NFL.  Flacco is a mediocre quarterback.  His record with the Ravens in four years is 44-22.  That’s just over .500.  I am not sure how that translates into best in the league.

Musings on Bounty-Gate, Perspective from a Month In

To sum it up for readers who either live in a football-less cave or have a life outside of sports news (what kind of life this must be, I can’t imagine), the New Orleans Saints, one of the 32 teams in the National Football League, have been penalized by the league for setting “bounties” on players of other teams.   Bounty being defined as targeting an opposing team’s player with the intent to injure AND accepting non-contract reward money from other players and coaches for it.

Is It Time For The Steelers To Make A Defensive Change?

The Steelers have been using the 3-4 defense for a long time, and Dick LeBeau is one of the Creators of this defense. The 3-4 defense was originally intended to stop the run in order to create passing 3rd down plays. Now that most offenses are passing on almost every down, is there really a need to have a 3-4 defense?

The Steelers already play some 4-3 and many other variances of that package, which was one of the reasons I wrote about Casey Hampton not being a necessity. As teams now transition out of the run first style of offense, there is less need for the nose tackle and that defense. Why am I making a case for this…let’s take a look at this years schedule.

Whining Flacco Wants New Contract

Joe Flacco, QB of the Baltimore Ravens is whining because he doesn’t have a contract past 2012.  Really?!  For the life of me, I do not understand why athletes whine about getting paid.

If you deserve to get paid more, the team will pay you on their own schedule.  If they don’t think so, you can try and see if another team will pay you.  Please, tell me, what is whining going to accomplish?  Other than to make you look like a whiner?  Tom Brady did not whine when his contract was up for re-negotiation.  He went about his business and the contract took care of itself.  Peyton Manning is up for a new deal with the Colts and have you seen him out whining to the press about it?  No, you have not because whining gets you nothing.

Winning Is Good

Atlanta Fighting Dawgz Logo
The Atlanta Falcons beat the Baltimore Ravens in Thursday night football 26-21 after leading the game 20-7 and then letting the Ravens come back and get ahead.  The Falcons then had to score a TD in the last 2 minutes of the game in order to win.  But such is the story of the Falcon’s lives.