Andrew Luck Finishes Up At Stanford

Know that Andrew luck is just as excited to get to Indianapolis on Tuesday as we all are.  Luck is finishing up his degree in architecture in Palo Alto, California a world away from his receivers, coaches, and team.  He of course was banned from working out at the complex until he finished his degree.  Fellow colts teammate and college roommate Coby Fleener is also finishing up at Stanford.  We all are counting on Luck to be our savior since the release of Peyton Manning.  Andrew is very smart and I am sure he was hitting the play book hard

The Colts were banned from communicating with him over computer or phone and were also not allowed to travel to him.  At first Jim Irsay was gonna let Luck use his private plane to get around, until the league caught word and nixed that.  His receivers were allowed to travel to California, but apparently never had the opportunity to get together and work out.  Austin Collie did have dinner with Luck and his girlfriend, but no passes were thrown. (Unless maybe they went to a Dave and Busters).
I think it’s a great thing that Andrew is finishing his degree that he worked so hard on for years.  All we have known since 1998 is a smart quarterback, nothing looks to change this year.  He seems like a very likable fellow as well.  I had the opportunity to speak with both Luck and Fleener via twitter while they were at the Players Association Headquarters.  Coby said when asked how he was able to focus on school when all he had was football on the brain, “It’s difficult.  I can’t wait to be done with school.  I loved my time at Stanford but am ready for the NFL”.  I asked Luck kinda a funny question about his appearance on Gruden’s Quarterback Camp.  He vowed to never throw to the Venus again on a spider 3 y banana.  Saying “Coach Gruden made sure I will never do that again.  I learned my lesson against USC last year”. (He threw a pick six late in the game after making the wrong read).
I bought my Luck jersey last weekend, so I am very excited for our new Captain to finally get here on Tuesday.  Not as excited for the return of the neck beard.

Buffalo Bills Offseason

The thought of the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs is hard for some to believe. Well the idea of the Bills trying to improve their team is hard for most to believe. Well if you still think the Bills aren’t trying to win now then you are fooling yourself.

At the end of last season, Buffalo General Manager Bills Buddy Nix said that the Bills were going to be aggressive in free agency. I will admit I got a little nervous when reports came out the Bills were far apart with Steve Johnson. But I’m sure every Bills fan felt that way. Buddy said he wanted to sign Stevie Johnson and guess what he did. Kudos to Stevie taking less money to stay in Buffalo as it shows really wanted to be here.

Buffalo Bills D-Line Is Something To Be Reckoned With

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills continued the “offseason of signings” and came to terms with another free agent, Mark Anderson, a defensive end, most recently with the Patriots.  This is just another move that is proving that Buddy Nix and the Bills weren’t kidding when they said they desperately wanted and needed to improve their pass rush.  The Bills ranked 27th in the league in sacks with only 29, first place was the Vikings with 50.  The team needed to improve this stat, because as most experts think, the quarterback is the number one priority and a close second is the ability to get to the quarterback.

“There’s Deer In The Backyards!!”

On March 5th, 2012, the Bills signed highly sought after free agent, Mario Williams to the most lucrative, guaranteed contract for any defensive player in NFL history.  He signed a 6 year, $100 million contract with $50 million guaranteed.  This signing has shocked the football world, as most people would have thought, just like other big name free agents have done in the past, Williams would have signed somewhere else.  Buffalo is a city that has been criticized negatively by the likes of Tom Brady, Willis McGahee (former Bills RB), Marshawn Lynch (former Bills RB), and many media outlets.  So the main question for most people is why did he choose Buffalo over the likes of Washington, Tennessee, or Chicago?

Bills Sign “The Joker”

Early this week the Bills ended the thought of Stevie Johnson becoming a free agent by inking him to a $36.25 million deal which will keep him here for the next five years.  This was huge move for the Bills to make and a positive one in a long line of negative ones.


Let’s say that Big Ben and the Steelers win the Super Bowl.  Let’s say they win it by a lot.  Leave no doubt as to who the better team is.  Will Ben get the same respect as Tom?  As Terry? Or will his off the field issues still cloud his on the field successes?

Who To Cheer For

Steelers Logo
Well, all of my teams are now out of the playoffs.  After having absolutely outstanding seasons, two of the best in the NFL, the Falcons and Patriots are both eliminated on their first game of the playoffs.  It was beyond disappointing to say the least.  Now, I am left with 4 teams in the championship round and none of them are teams I want to cheer for.

Playoffs?! Playoffs?!

Tiny Peyton
The first weekend of the NFL playoffs gets underway on Saturday.  The wildcard weekend with some wild matchups or at least unexpected ones.  The reigning Super Bowl champ Saints have to play the first weekend and the perennial playoff team the Colts barely get in.

Best Of The Best

I watch a lot of sports media coverage.  It’s a sickness really.  It also gets on my nerves a lot, but yet I continue to watch.  The NFL talking heads love to make their predictions on what team in the best and I thought I would give it a go with just a little more explanation.

Who’s Standing Now

After week 12, there are some teams who are making a stand and some who are just trying to stay upright.  The top of the divisions is getting more solidified and the fight in the middle is becoming more murky.

AFC East – Jets and Patriots are both 9-2.  Jets are at the top because of their 7-1 conference record, Pats have a 7-2 record.  Possibly the game of the year next Monday night, Patriots vs Jets.

AFC North – Ravens and Steelers both 8-3.  These is almost a statistical tie.  Both teams won on Sunday, but it was tough going for both of them.  Ravens and Steelers play next Sunday night.