T.O. Fined for Twitter Use

When I first read that T.O. had been fined for Tweeting during a game (again) I thought, “what a dope.” After reading what really happened, however, I think the NFL owes T.O. an apology.

The NFL, as some of you may know, does not tolerate players and coaching Tweeting about the games. Their biggest beef is when a player Tweets 90 minutes before or after a game, or during the game. (In other words, no locker room Tweets.) I get this policy, and understand why they enforce it.


I also know there are Tweet services that will do automatic Tweets for you. You program them in, and they send out a message on Twitter later in the day. That’s what happened with T.O. for a Tweet that was meant to hype a charity he works with. The charity helps kids in Kenya, and T.O. and talked about a fan getting a signed T.O. jersey. For that he got a $5,000 fine yesterday.


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