Superconference, Yea Baby Yea

Okay so maybe not so much.  These college football expansion rumors have just gotten ridiculous.  Now, it’s superconferences and 6 team invites and dreams of boatloads of television cash dancing in people’s heads…o my.  Some of these rumormongers have simply lost their minds in this.  I expect any day now to see that the Vulcans football team has been added to the invites for the Pac-10.  I mean just about everyone else and their mother has been “allegedly” invited.  Truth is, to the best of anyone’s REAL knowledge no one has…yet.

College football meetings are still ongoing today.  There is supposed to be some kind of news conference at the conclusion later this evening, but there was some kind of news conference that was scheduled Thursday night that never materialized.  From all the interview clips I have been able to read and gather, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has been decided about this expansion business other than they are LOOKING at all the models and discussing it.  Larry Scott, commissioner of the Pac-10, said in an interview that NO offers have been made and he doesn’t see ANY being made in the near term.  He also stated that decisions will be made before the end of the year NOT before the start of the 2010 season. 

So what does this all mean?  It means that college football is discussing expansion.  It means that some kind of decision will be made before the end of 2010, maybe.  It means that college football bloggers everywhere have another six months to turn this all into football Armegeddon.  Can you imagine the kinds of rumors that are going to abound in the blogosphere if writers are given SIX months to make crap up?!?  My Vulcan theory doesn’t seem so far fetched now does it?

I am certain that whatever is decided the final outcome will benefit 2 entities – the BCS and the NCAA football program’s revenue stream.  How that gets accomplished, no one knows and anyone who writes and claims that they have it all figured out is just blowing smoke.  No one knows, not even the conference commissioners at this point.  But those Vulcans are looking good this year, they might draft a Klingon or two and then just eliminate all the other conferences all together.  Now that’s how a superconference is formed…yea baby yea….

© photo credit: David Boyle

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