After Texas A&M moved to the SEC and the rumors about a PAC 12 expansion fizzled out, allegedly, there were some who thought expansion was done.  Even some inside college football, even inside the SEC, who said expansion is done.  Anyone who believed that should let me sell them an ocean in the Sahara because it’s just patently not true.

Conferences and colleges are hedging their bets at the moment waiting to see who moves first or blinks first.  But expansion is not done, not by a long shot.  Super conferences are not dead and they are coming and sooner rather than later.  Believe it.  Write it down.  Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise, because it is just not true.

Tennessee’s AD came out this week and said that the SEC is NOT done expanding.  That 13 is not going to be the number at which the conference remains.  It is unbalanced and therefore will not be allowed to remain so.  He said that the conference will go forward slowly and deliberately in one sentence and in another he said the components of expansion would be delved into in relatively short order.  Believe this, as I write this, the SEC and whatever schools they are considering taking in, from the Big 12 or the ACC are talking about what will possibly happen.  It is going on now, right now.

The NCAA is trying to downplay the belief by many, including myself, that these conference moves are done for revenue alone.  He wants those considering moving to consider other factors besides revenues.  There are no other factors.  Emmert said, “this is not the NFL, the NBA, it’s not a business.”  Is he serious?!  Does he actually believe that is even remotely close to the truth anymore?  If he does, he needs to be replaced immediately.  More likely, it’s just another diversionary tactic to try and slow all the conference jumping and change people’s perceptions of the NCAA because having them be anything other than NCAA, Inc. and dropping the amateur rules and regulations, is becoming harder and harder to sell.

The usual suspects for conference movement are still in the mix including Missouri of the Big 12 despite reports denying this, Louisville and West Virginia of the Big East and Florida State of the ACC.  You can believe that the SEC will take the team they think gives them the biggest revenue and recruiting advantage.  That’s just a fact.

Super conferences are still on and they are still being built, under the radar, slowly but surely and they will become a reality in less than 3 years time for certain.  Anyone who says otherwise, is not telling the truth.  It’s just that simple.


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