Super Bowl Random Thoughts…..

With the season over, and the Super Bowl has come and gone for another season, it’s time for some random thoughts about the week.  Thoughts that aren’t enough to write a lot about, but just make a few quick mind benders.

Let’s begin with the obvious.  Christina Aguilera’s flub of the words on the National Anthem was embarrassing to the league and her.  Not only a flub of the words, but she couldn’t carry a note, tune or a suitcase out to sing.  Aguilera had months to prepare for this tiny assignment.  But proving rehearsing is too small for her, Christina wanted to make the song her “own” and substantiate herself a true “American” with her version.  Does anyone believe Aguilera will make a mistake in cashing her check for this fiasco?  Advise to Christina.  Go back to school, learn the words and try again in about 20 years.

Memo to Jerry and the NFL.  Before you start selling tickets for people to stand outside the stadium and watch the game in cold weather on a giant screen, make sure the seating inside is secure and ready to use.  1250 temporary seats were set up and sold for $800 each.  But when they got to the stadium, those seats weren’t approved by the local Fire Marshall, meaning they couldn’t be used.  Other avenues were secured by stadium personnel for 850 fans to see the game, most in corners watching it from monitors.  400 fans were given a triple refund, up to $2400 because they couldn’t use the seats.

The halftime show giving us the Black Eyes Pease experience was just that.  An Experience.  Certainly not a good one.  Fergie was in a one piece outfit, winning many some money in Vegas as they bet on what she would wear.  It was boring, uneventful and about ten minutes too long.  Even the fans, normally allowed on the field to stand up close to the stage, were dismissed and dancers in light uniforms were used instead.  It just didn’t stack up to the Who, Rolling Stones and U2.

As far as the best ad, the vote here goes to the Darth Vader commercial.  Just the look of the little boy when the car starts is priceless.  Second place goes to the Pug knocking down the door to get the Doritos.  However overall, it was a down year for commercials.

Although it was the day before, the “almost” fight between football commentators Desmond Howard and Phil Simms may have been the highlight of Super Bowl week. Simms was upset over comments Howard made on the ESPN College Gameday show about how Simms’s son, a quarterback at Tennessee, was “one of the worst in the SEC.”  Simms found Howard at an autograph session and confronted him.  The conversation quickly escalated into a possible fight, and police had to be called and take care of the situation.  This is what we’ve come to in TV commentators now.

Does anyone feel like Roger Goodell is losing his grip on the NFL?  His iron fist handling of the league, it’s players and the show the league put on over the weekend has become a sprinkle turning into a full blown storm, and it could get worse.  Everything mentioned before is proof, along with having a negotiating session the day before the Super Bowl.  Did anyone really expect the two sides to come out and announce labor peace?  Goodell was mocked all week by the players in the game and outside the game.  James Harrison asked for a “pillow to be placed under any tackle” he made.  Goodell has tried so much to make league wide changes and institute an 18 game schedule, he is losing site of what made the league the great venture it is.  That grip on the league may be the thing that hurts it the most.

Finally, don’t expect Dallas to host another Super Bowl game anytime soon.


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