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Eric Mangini is still not happy about Ndamukong Suh’s treatment of his QB Jake Delhomme in the Lions games vs the Browns.  Suh grabbed Delhomme’s face mask, twisted it, put Delhomme in a headlock and then threw him to the ground.  Suh was penalized on the play and was assessed a 15 yard personal foul penalty, which resulted in a Browns first down.

Delhomme was not injured in the play.  In fact, he got up waving his arms around asking the ref where the flag was.  Asked about it this week, Delhomme said he would let league officials handle any further punishment and he was happy they got a first down out of it.  There are those who believe Suh should be assessed some further penalty outside of the game.  Something about excessive treatment of the QB.  Mangini said that Suh put his QB at risk.

Are NFL quarterbacks not at risk all the time during games when they are on the field?  Has the NFL gotten to the point where any contact with the QB, whether intentional or accidental is reason to penalize and even possibly eject a player?  What about the guys who go over the middle for balls and get sandwiched between defenders?  What about running backs who take punishment from usually not 1 but 4 or 5 defenders pulling, pushing, tackling, smashing him to the ground? Have QBs become so completely protected that any contact is enough to get a player thrown out?

Now, I agree that intentional contact with a QB where it is clear you are trying to put him out of the game should not be allowed.  But tackling a QB is not reason to throw someone out of a game.  Did Suh step over the line?  Mangini thinks so.  What do you think?

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