Stuck On You

The Broncos are stuck now.  They are stuck with playing Tebow for at least the next 3 games maybe 4 to get through an entire month of play.  They made that choice and now they are stuck with it.

The Broncos caved in to fan and media pressure and put Tebow in as their starting QB starting with the Dolphins.  He managed to get a win against an abysmal team who played the wrong defensive package to prevent the win.  For 55 minutes of that game, he played truly terrible football.  The next game versus the Lions, Tebow played almost the entire game badly.  His defenders say it was the Broncos play calling that made him play so badly while his detractors say that Tebow further proved his deficiencies on the field in the game.  But the Broncos are stuck with it now.

To make sure that the Tebow faithful don’t accuse them of not playing him enough to see what he can actually do, the Broncos must now at least let him play a full month’s worth of games.  In doing so, he will have faced both bad teams, average teams and good teams.  If they leave him in the rest of November, he will face the Raiders, the Chiefs, the Jets and the Chargers.   That should be more than sufficient to show exactly what Tebow can do on the field as an NFL quarterback.

If after that the Broncos want to change to try and end the season with a possibility of some wins, they will put in Orton or even Quinn.  If they are just willing to accept defeat and possibly compete for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, they will leave Tebow in, unless he gets injured, which is a distinct possibility given how he plays.  But the Tebow faithful come December won’t be able to say the Broncos didn’t play him enough to see what he can or cannot do.

Those who support him, however, will come up with other reasons as to why he performs badly as they are now doing.  The Broncos don’t want him to succeed.  The Broncos are purposely structuring game plays so he will fail.  The Broncos don’t want him to be the starting QB and never did.  And on and on and on the excuses go.  But the on the field performance doesn’t lie.  Numbers never lie.  All the heart in the world won’t correct poor mechanics.  It is never going to happen.

So the Broncos are stuck and Tebow is what they have.  They took him #1 in the draft.  They overlooked everything that detracted from him being a successful QB and went with “we can fix him” and “he’s such a great guy people love him” scenarios.  And this is what they have to work with.  So, they have to let him play.  And if they’re smart they pray he doesn’t get seriously injured.  Because the time will come when a decision has to be made.  Do they keep him on the team as a backup QB and get a new starter and hope Tebow improves.  Do they keep him healthy and hope someone takes him in trade.  Do they finally wake up and convert him to a half back or a tight end.  Decision time will come at some point, but for right now they are stuck with Tebow at starting QB.

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